Hi friends,


Happy Christmas! It’s late in the night on December 27th, and boy, has my break been grand so far.


When we last spoke, I was in Penfield, just before taking my finals.


Well, they went rather well, the one final I had, it went well.


Directly after my final, I packed, and headed for Amtrak. You’ve gotten plenty of Amtrak posts in the past, and this ride was very much the same. I spent it watching the last few episodes of the second season of Downton Abbey. Speaking of which, I spent 5 hours so far today, and am heading into my 6th, being eaten alive by the super emotional third season of the show, which I am watching illegally online because I am a criminal, okay? Pirate.


Anyway, I got home last Wednesday night after a lovely train ride home. I spent Thursday Christmas shopping, and visiting my grandparents, and wrapping presents. On Friday, I headed into the city, where I picked up two tickets to a play called¬†Picnic, for my friend Michael and me. Then I met my dad, Big Kev for lunch at his office downtown, and then headed back uptown to meet Michael, where we gallavanted a bit and had lunch. He’s the type of friend who, when your parents ask you what you talk about, you realize that you don’t really talk about much with, which is a perfectly great thing! We talk about the same topics: LGBTQ stuff, AIDS-related stuff (we’re both interested in the epidemic and the culture surrounding it), people we hated in high school, people who hated us in high school, mutual friends. We keep it so fresh though, the conversation never gets old, it’s nice to have close friends.¬†Then we saw Picnic, which was gorgeous and beautifully written. Home to bed after that. Saturday, my family went to my Aunt Diane’s house for the Flynn Family Christmas, which was a hoot as always. We play this crazy gift trading game, the rules of which get more and more complicated every year. I ended up with a picture frame that allows you to add fake beards and mustaches to the people in each of the pictures you put in the frame. Mine came with a Barack Obama picture already inside, so I obviously kept it since he’s my man, I dragged some of the iron pellets to his forehead, and titled it “Ash Wednesday Barack.”


On Sunday, I think I slept all day. I don’t quite remember. Nope. I didn’t. I remember. I got up around one, and then did some cleaning up around the house, and then went to my friend Laura’s house for dinner with her family. Laura was in London this semester and had a great time. Her family is hilarious and loud. Her brothers are three total bros, which was funny. It was just a funny dinner. I later found out that one of her brothers described me as being “just the right amount of gay,” which I took as a huge compliment. After dinner, we went to a MANSION that her friend lives in and decorated ginger bread cookies. Then I went home and got into bed.


Monday was Christmas Eve, my favorite day of the year. We go to church, and then to my Aunt Kate’s house for the best lasagna you’ve ever had, the second best garlic bread you’ve ever had, and the third best apple cider you’ve ever had. The best apple cider you’ve ever had is in Saratoga, obviously. We open presents and our family is ridiculous, there’s lots of traditions, but sort of weird traditions, unofficial ones: Every year we rowdily yell at my sister Bridget for not liking lasagna, every year my dad does this strange thing with one of their dogs where the dog “throws a grenade” (don’t ask) (don’t tell?), every year we open poppers at dinner and wear the crowns within and tell the stupid jokes they put inside. It’s just a great night and we all eat too much.


Tuesday was Christmas. Woke up, opened presents – I got theatre books and clothing, and my trip to California. We got all gussied up and headed to Grandma’s for a gigantic feast. Turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, broccoli, turnips, bread, cheese, wine, sparkling cider, salad, plus 14 types of dessert including BAKED ALASKA. So yummy. So 5000 calories in one sitting. Ugh life was good.


Yesterday was Boxing Day, my favorite holiday. Just kidding. I went to the city and saw two plays: Golden Boy and The Other Place. Golden Boy was amazing, an all around wonderful production. The Other Place was freaky and disturbing. If you get the chance…see it before its limited run ends. It was really stunning. I also reunited with my best friend Alexia, who was abroad this semester also in London. I missed her and it’s great to have her back!


Tomorrow I’m getting lunch with two SkidGals and finishing the third season of Downton (three episodes left after the one I’m about to watch and I’m so stressed out because it makes me anxious!), and then sleeping.


Saturday, I’m heading up to Mamaroneck to spend the night at Sophie’s (I’ve written about her before – funniest gal I know) with Lily, Abby, and Liz. It’s going to be crae.


But for now: One more episode of Downton and then…sleep.


In case this is my last post of 2012, the happiest of New Years to all of you who read this!


Measure in Love,



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