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Well, we made it to 2013. Did you ever expect to? I sure didn’t. 2013 is an exciting year for me, filled with a trip to California in March and applications to study abroad and a newfound freedom from Prohibition Laws when I turn 21 in November! Is that chock-full or what?


Anyway, when I last wrote, we were about to head up to Mamaroneck for what would be the strangest and funniest night of my life.It was actually amazing, doh.


Then I headed home on Sunday the 30th and settled down for a long winter’s nap, the last time I would sleep until January 2nd. I awoke on Dec 31st, excited that it was New Year’s Eve. I showered, got dressed…and headed to work. I’m a food runner now, at the same place I worked maintenance over the summer, a country club near my home. I worked from 5pm to 4am. And then I went home, sort of fell into a brief state of unconsciousness and worked again from 10:45am to 6pm. Lezzjust say I died a little bit and my feet were BRIGHT read at the end of the days. And then I went home and was so wired that I didn’t sleep until 2am on January 2nd. So.


On January 2nd, I rested for most of the day. And slept.


On January 3rd, I went into the city in the morning, hung out for a bit, did some writing, and then met my two friends Emma and Zazie uptown for lunch at a small Mexican joint called JalapeƱo. It was very tasty and great to see them both. After lunch, Emma and I headed downtown to TimesSquare where we picked up tickets for her and a friend to see a musical called The Mystery of Edwin Drood that night. (Which I saw over Thanksgiving break and LOVED…She didn’t like it…at all, Emma didn’t.) After that, Emma and I split up, I did some more writing and headed down to 41st St to the Nederlander Theater at 6:30 to pick up the tickets to Newsies I had reserved for my sister and myself. At 7:30 the shoe began and it was very good. I had a lot of issues with it artistically but it was entertaining and the dancing, while almost entirely unnecessary, was brilliant. The cast had an energy about them that told me they clearly really wanted to be there and were excited to be performing for an audience, which is pretty refreshing for musicals these days.


On January 4th, I think I slept.


On January 5th, I went back to my alma mater, the mother of my soul, my high school, and judged the annual Chaminade Invitation Speech Tournament. It was fun. I found myself wondering if it was as painful to judge when I was competing as it was on Saturday. The quality of speech and enthusiasm has gone down exponentially since I was competing 2 years ago, it seems. There were some very good speakers though.


On January 6th, aka yesterday, I had work. Which was fun. I like working, yo.


Today, I woke up at 11am with a Facebook message from a playwright friend/mentor of mine offering me cheap tickets to a super exclusive benefit reading of a play tonight, since she couldn’t go! How exciting! And the playwright will be there and it’s starring one of my favorite actresses and it’s at a new beautiful theatre center that I’m very excited to see!


And now, it’s time for me to go work out and get ready to get on the train!




Happy New Year!


Measure in Love,



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