How’s This For A Personal Essay?

Hi friends –


Happy Monday, if there is such a thing.


Just livin’ life, and lovin’ livin’ here on Long Island, enjoying my last week of break.


When I previously wrote, I was getting ready to head into New York City to see a benefit reading of the play Intimate Apparel. The reading was beautiful and I want to design lights for the piece some day. At the reading, I met Lynn Nottage, the Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright whose work I adore, and who wrote my favorite stage direction ever in her play Ruined:


They continue their measured dance. Lights fade to black. End of play.


So I met her, which was fantastic. And during her pre-show spiel, she mentioned that on the board of her charity was Gloria Steinem…and Gloria was in the audience that night. Everyone gasped and she gave a little wave, and she happened to be sitting in the orchestra directly below me and on the aisle. So being the silly nugget I am, at intermission I went up and spoke to her. Gloria’s work as the essential mother/creator/goddess of contemporary feminism is the reason I became a gender studies student at Skidmore. So to meet one of my feminist heroes was beyond thrilling. We spoke for a bit and then I asked for a picture. It was AWESOME. And then the reading continued and it ended so sadly and beautifully.


Tuesday, I didn’t do much. Same goes for Wednesday.


On Thursday, I headed into the city nice and early for breakfast with a friend, and then headed up to Westchester, to Bedford Hills, to my best friend Alexia’s house, where I would be spending the night. We drove around her town, and then headed back to her house to hang out for a bit before we left and drove to Ridgefield, Connecticut for a delicious dinner and the best concert of my life, Kris Allen. Okay, maybe not the best concert of all time, but it was a lot of fun, Kris Allen can SANG GURL, and he’s freakin’ adorable. His wife is so lucky. Wink. After the concert, we headed back to Bedford and went to sleep.


On Friday, we were up an at ’em at the butt crack of dawn and by butt crack of dawn I mean 9:30 and by 9:30 I mean 10:30 and headed to the city on an 11:36 train. Before we got on the train, we went into a what I thought was a ridiculously over-priced bakery and I got an iced coffee and Alexia got a latte. The price was well worth it and was one of the best cups of iced coffee I’ve ever had in my life. Perfect.


So we head to the city, and we meet up with Gab, who I call my SkidMom or SkidMa, I think I may have mentioned that in the past, and our other friend Megan. We gallivant around the city for a bit, and then eat a delicious burger lunch at Five Napkin Burger and in all honesty I didn’t even have to ask for a second napkin. One Napkin Burger is more like it. And then we went our separate ways and I went to see a small workshop production of my friend Anna’s play called Alaska in the Summertime which was lovely. After that I went home to bed and slept forever.


Saturday, I had work, which was a BLAST. A total blast. I may have mentioned this a few times before, I work as a food runner at a country club, where I used to work as maintenance. Saturday night was an event modeled after Dancing With The Stars, called Dancing Like the Stars. Four members were paired up with a professional dancer and they each learned a dance. It was fun. And the members LOVE the drink, so they were having a good time. The staff finished setting up everything we could for Sunday brunch very early in the evening, and so we were allowed to dance with the members (after they dragged us all out, of course) for the last half hour or so. It was great.


Yesterday, Sunday, I slept and hung out.


Today I woke up at 1, worked out, and went to see Django Unchained. Which was incredible. I want to see it again. And again. And again.


The rest of the week: Nothing. Work on Thursday and Saturday nights. Home to Skidmore on Sunday.


I can’t wait.


Measure in Love,



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