Friday Friday Gotta Get Down

Hi friend(s)!


Happy Friday! This is the last Friday of winter break and boi/qurl, am I ready to go back to school.


When we last spoke, I had just gotten home from seeing Django – And I haven’t stopped thinking about it since, yo. In playwriting class this semester, we talked about what makes a movie and movie and what makes a play a play, and Django had EVERYTHING a successful movie needed. And it was great. The performances were spot on, the dialogue was rich and fun, and while some of the violence erred on the side of insensitivity bordering racism, it was gory and gross and bloody and well-shot.


On Tuesday, I hung out at home and did some chores around town. And then slept.


On Wednesday, I woke up, got my act together, and headed to the mall, where I promptly proceeded to get lost. And then find my way around the mall, and in the process, find myself. A true awakening of the self. I bought some nice t-shirts, neon striped socks, a pair of boxers, a sweet pair of turquoise-ish shorts, and a lovely cotton sweater that matches the shorts. NICE. Successful shopping trip.


Yesterday, I woke up, worked out, and had work from 4pm til midnight. Huge event at work, 230 elderly folk from a religious assisted living place in Queens Village. #stressful. I don’t even want to talk about it. Meow.


And today, getting ready to go back to Hogwarts/Skidmore/Hogmore/Skidwarts. Laundry, cleaning bedroom and bathroom, packing, reading, writing, ‘rithmatic. And the fabled last supper before going back to school, a last dinner with the fam. We’re doing it tonight since I have work tomorrow night – 4pm til 1am. And then a 7am train to Penn on Sunday. What’s good, NYC? I’m headin’ for you Saratoga!


In less than 48 hours, I’ll be leaving 11570 for 12866 for a semester that is 1296 times better than the last one! Gotta make it count, yo.



Measure in Love,




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