Back in Skidmoratoga

Hi friends!


I’m back on campus! Isn’t that exciting? I’d like to think so. #PTMO. Positive Thought Matters, Okay?


When we last spoke, I was packing/getting ready to head back up here to good old HealthHistoryHorseTown. Well. It took me a long long long time to get my act together and pack. I was up until three in the morning struggling to get my bags to zipper closed. #lifeishard. My friend Cindy posted a Facebook status saying something along the lines of “If you can zipper your bags closed with moderate effort before heading back to school, you haven’t packed enough.” My friend Abby commented “YOLO dats ma motto.” I liked that comment, I clicked like. So I struggled to get my bag closed and it’s a Christmas miracle that I made it up here without the bag exploding or something. But I did.


So on Saturday, I finished packing, and then went to work. Food running, am I right? That went late.


And then Sunday morning, I had to wake up mad early, yo. For my journey to Skidmore. I got in a fight on Amtrak. Rude gals behind me. Ugh. Hate fighting. But at the same time, it’s when I’m at my sassiest, so.


And now I’m here and unpacked and everything. I’ve seen most of my friends who were abroad and there’s been a lot of screaming and yelling and hugging. It’s great having them back. Makes me excited to go abroad.


When I go abroad, my goal is to get Taken.


Today I woke up later than I meant to and worked out. And wrote this blog post, or am in the process of writing it.


So. Classes begin tomorrow.

I am excited.


I’ll write soon. Too soon.


Measure in Love,




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