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Hi friends,


I’m great, thanks for asking. When we last spoke, classes had yet to begin and it was the best of times, filled with joyous reunions and lots of hugging. And snow. It snows now, did you hear that? Imagine that, snow in Saratoga. Ugh. I like  love snow.


Anyways, so on Monday, I hung out and got my act together for classes to start on Tuesday. Bought some books, ate some food, all that good stuff that people categorize as the detritus of the every day.


On Tuesday, classes began.


The Classes I (Kevin) Am (Is) Taking This Semester

1. Intermediate Directing (Tuesday/Thursday) – A more intense journey into the world of making theatre and telling stories as a director. A class that focuses on devising work from thin air, rather than using previously published plays as the basis of the theatre-making. True artistic class. A ton of my friends are in it, and it’s taught by my favorite professor, Carolyn Anderson. She’s brilliant.

2. Intermediate Acting (Tuesday/Thursday) – After my first acting class last spring, I left feeling sort of unsatisfied with the class, since it was a little bit all over the place and tried to cover every acting method ever conceived. However, this class, taught by Kate Kelly, focuses on Linklater technique, which is based in using our deepest emotions to pull the best character work possible out of us as actors. I cried in the first two classes. It’s great. The class is filled with a hilarious and wonderful mix of my peers.

3. Holding Up Half the Sky: Gender, Writing, and Nationhood in China (Tuesday/Thursday) – A gender studies class that focuses on the women of China. It’s fascinating material. Our first reading was VERY dense. But the next reading was amazing. I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester in class.

4. Sound & Music (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) – A Physics class. Yes. I am taking a science class. I’m a scientist, okay?! The prof is this brassy character who told us to call her Jill and never to call her Professor. She’s hilarious and a good part of this semester is going to be me trying to figure out if she’s in on her own joke or not. She’s an excellent teacher too, so far. A lot of friends in the class too.

5. Feminist Theories and Methodologies (Monday/Wednesday) – A survey course that covers a broad variety of feminist, gender, and queer theories. The class is small and discussion-based. It seems great. The prof is quick and witty, she seems very very funny.


Last night I had my audition for the theatre department productions. I am called back tomorrow to sing for the role of The Beadle in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. My dream role. In my favorite musical. By my favorite composer. Directed by my favorite director. I’m very excited for tomorrow.


Today, I’m doing laundry, working out, and homework. And resting my voice before tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Measure in Love,






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