Super Bowl Sundae Sunday

Posted on February 4th, 2013 by Kevin Berry.
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Hi friends!


Happy Super Bowl and may the odds be ever in your favor! I mean, the game’s basically over, so you know if they were in your favor or not. Odds are you didn’t expect that power outage am I right? I sure wasn’t. I didn’t even see it happen – I was just upset that some sports game interrupted my queen Beyonce’s concert.


Hey so it’s been a week since I’ve written. Not much happened this week because I was mad ill. Like actually sick and dying with a severe flu and coughed up many pounds of material colored similarly to many of the Skidmore logos (yellow and green, tmi? at least i was showing some thoroughbred thoroghschool thoroughspiritbred okay?!). But I’m better now for the most part. It’s all a process, my sons and daughters of cyberspace. All a process.


So not much happened. Sweeney Todd is going super well so far. Classes are going well. A lot of work but I’m managing, yo.


My friends are all good. It’s nice to have nice friends am I right?


My fam’z good too in case you were wondering. I’ve got some laundry in the machines downstairs. Clean underwear is great. Ugh love me some clean boxers. I wonder what it says about me that I’m a boxer wearer as opposed to being a briefs wearer or even a boxer brief wearer. Probably that I’m more carefree and like being in low-stress environments where I don’t feel restricted. Ugh that’s tmi.




Measure in Love,



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