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Happy Sunday. Rather –


As-Happy-As-A-Sunday-Morning/Afternoon-Can-Be Sunday to you all. I’ve just gotten back from downtown where I had delicious coffee and an even more delicious (so delicious I felt like I’d vom – ugh) bagel at Uncommon Grounds, a coffee place in town. I went with my friend Jon, who’s on the soccer team. A lot of my theatre friends think it’s strange that I have a friend on the soccer team. Anyway, he’s one of my closest/only (honesty hour I guess) guy friends on campus, so that’s nice. It was my first trip downtown of the semester and my first cup of coffee of the semester. We took the noon bus downtown and then walked back up afterwards, it’s so effing beautiful out today I can’t even stand it. I wish I was as beautiful as nature sometimes/always is.


Well. Time for my recap. When we last really spoke at length, it was Super Bowl Sunday. Since then, so much has happened. SO MUCH.


Sunday: Super Bowl. Beyonce. Beyonce.


Monday: I think this was just a standard day. In rehearsal for Sweeney, the set designers presented their set model to us. Let’s just say it’s going to be perfection. PERFECTION. And incredible. I also purchased tickets for ComFest. We’ll get to that in a bit.


Tuesday: Tuesday was just a day. In rehearsal, we did a lot (A LOT) of scene work on my character in Sweeney which was exciting. And I got to sing my part of one of the Act I Quartets, which is my favorite section of the show. The first time we sang through it, I teared up. So beautiful.


Wednesday: Rehearsal was fabulous. We sang what we worked on on Tuesday night for the rest of the cast and that felt amazing. Very validating.


Thursday: Real talk here. Thursday was a hard day for me. It was the 13th anniversary of my mom’s death, so it was a little bit sad. I went to my first class, during which I cried twice. But it was directing, so all the theatre peepz were very supportive. Then at noon, I had acting, and the class is an entirely safe space, so I let all of my sadness out there, and it eventually was too hard for me to be there, so the teacher said I could go home for the rest of class, she let me out very early. I took the rest of the day off, until rehearsal. Rehearsal was AMAZING. We did the best choral number in the play. So hard to learn the music, but so rewarding to realize you’re getting it right. Then I went home and went to bed after studying my tour guide manual because…


Friday: I had my certification tour for tour guiding first thing in the morning. I passed with flying colors. Which was SO exciting. I was extremely nervous. But alas, I pass.


And now…The Weekend. ComFest.


Friday Night: ComFest. I was at the theatre at 6pm to get the best seats. Row E, center section, house left aisle. My favorite seat in the theatre. The first act of the college show was very okay. None of the groups were outstanding. The Skidmore Sketchies were hilarious, obviously. The second act of the show was better: Skidomedy had this sketch that was so offensive it was impossible to not laugh. One of the funniest and scariest and most uncomfortable sketches I’ve ever seen. Brown University’s sketch group was hysterical. Then the professional show. My favorite stand-up comedian’s name is James Adomian. He performed here on Friday night. He’s a gay comedian, and a lot of his stuff focused on that and he hit everything on point. So funny. He inadvertently did an entire bit about his theatre professor from college, and one of the professors of theatre here is exactly who he was describing. Then, after he ended, the Templeton Philharmonic came on, a female sketch duo. Very funny. After the shows ended, I went to a Mardi Gras themed party. Lots of dancing and New Orleans jazz. And Beyonce, obvs. That was a fun night.


Saturday: I lay in bed almost all day, reading a few plays. At one point, I put on sweatpants and a sweatshirt and went to d’ha’ and ate an orange.


Saturday Night: ¬†ComFest Parte Dos. The first act was amazing. Already, after the first group, better than the night before, minus the Brown group and Skidomedy. Just so so good. Act Two got even better. Red Hot Poker, from Yale…Awesome. And the Ad Libs. Awesome. Then the professional show. It was life-changing. Seriously. The Improvised Shakespeare Company. From Chicago. They ask for a title from the audience. My friend Billy yelled out “Sex and Candy” and they improvised an entire play around that title…In the style of William Shakespeare…In iambic pentameter. I’ve never seen anything like it. The level of commitment and trust within the tiny ensemble was higher and more tight than I’ve ever seen within any cast on a stage. The epilogue was a speech that ended with the title of the play followed immediately by a blackout. Before the nights were even totally black, the entire audience was on its feet. They were that good. They’d be really great rappers too, since they rhymed so well. And at one point, someone in the audience clapped her hands quietly, and the two actors in the scene went off on a euphemism-filled bit about the beaver slapping the river with her tail. SO FUNNY. Life-changing. I can’t even. Then after the show, I went to the Spa with some friends and talked there for the rest of the night. That was nice.


And this morning, I hit up Uncommon. The rest of my day/night is pretty relaxing: No rehearsal. Laundry. Reading a play. Writing a new bit of my play. Working out. Sleeping.


Tomorrow I give my first real tour to prospective students. Nerves.


I’ll talk to you soon.


Measure in Love,




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