Thirsty and Lonely Thursday – An Emotionally Neutral Valentine’s Day Post

Posted on February 14th, 2013 by Kevin Berry.
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Hi friends,


Happy Valentine’s Day, I guess. Another year single, another year older, another year closer to becoming a total potato. #foreveraloneamiright?


Anyways, when we last spoke, I was preparing to give my first tour to a family. On Monday morning, that’s what I did. I gave my first tour. It was nerve-wracking and I think an overall success. I like the idea of helping someone make the right college decision.


Tuesday was crae-crae. I had a long day of classes, managed to do an AMAZING work out (3 miles in 18 minutes), and somehow successfully completed two entire projects in one night. Hehehe.


Wednesday was great. Had a great rehearsal period last night for Sweeney.


And here we are, Thursday morning. Valentine’s Day. Oh well.


Measure in Love,



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