Tuesday, I Guess

Hi friends,


Happy Tuesday! I mean, it’s Tuesday, so it’s not the happiest yet. When it’s Wednesday, that’s when I’ll start to get excited for the weekend. I’m very excited for the weekend. Oh gosh, so excited. I don’t know what’s to come this weekend, but I’m so ready.


When we last spoke, I was lonely.


Then Friday morning came and I gave a tour to some really nice peepz. On Saturday, I slept way too late and then woke up and sent some funny Snapchats, and then headed downtown for dinner and ate delicious Asian fusion at Phila Fusion. Then there was a cast party for Sweeney then I slept and woke up on Sunday and went to Sweeney rehearsal. Easy weekend. Simple weekend. Life is good.


This week is not stressful, just beyond busy. Super busy. Tech crew stuff for the blackbox, Sweeney rehearsal, a paper, and a test.


Time management is key this week, I guess.



Measure in Love,



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