Thirsty Thursday Hey Hey Hey

Hi friends,


Happy Thursday!


Last time we really spoke, it was a week ago. And this week has been the busiest and maybe most stressful of my life. So busy. Barely have had time to workout. Barely have had time to eat. Ugh. Anyway, now it’s Thursday night which basically means Friday and that means weekend. So that’s good! God That’s Good! LOL that’s the song they’re rehearsing onstage right now, it’s about pies and I’m not technically in it but it’s my fave Sondheim (composer of Sweeney Todd) song, so obvs I’m going to be singing it offstage and helping the boys out with harmonies and stuffz.


Anyway, last weekend, there was a cast gathering for Sweeney at one of my friend’s house off-campus, I ended up staying over. It was a totally lazy weekend. I’m trying to think back to Monday but to do that hurts so much. This week I had many hours of tech crew for the black box production, many hours of rehearsal, many hours of studying for my Physics test which I sort of rocked on Wednesday, many hours of tour guiding, and as many hours of sleep as humanly possible, which came out to about 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night. Also, I got a Tetanus shot today since I accidentally nearly drilled a screw through my thumb last night. So that was fun. #tetanus. OH I REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED LAST SATURDAY. I went to Phila Fusion and ate Asian fusion for the first time and nearly passed out from the deliciousness.


In my last post, I mentioned that, I think. In my last post I also mentioned that time management would be key this week. This has proven true and I think I’ve succeeded at managing my time well. Meow. Also, tonight I’m missing a lecture by GLORIA STEINEM in Zankel. Which stinks because she is a huge part of the reason I’m a gender studies stud. Oh well, Sweeney has eaten my life and I love it. I drink a lot of juice to keep my voice healthy. I feel like I’m rambling. I washed my clothing the other night and tomorrow I’m giving another tour. Tomorrow night, we’re going to Druthers for dinner. SO PUMPED. And a photographer I LOVE is giving a lecture. And the Oscars are Sunday. And two weeks from tonight I’m going to be on an airplane to California. And my Women of China professor calls me Kev.


Yup, I’m definitely rambling.

But what matters now is that my stressful week has ended.

And I can sleep tonight.

After I drink my juice.



Measure in Love,



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