And the Oscar Goes to…Me.

Hi friends!


Happy Monday! I’m not feeling an ounce of the Monday blues today, which is good. I’m just a little bit shleepy, but that’s nothing a little touch of coffee can’t fix.


Anyway. In my post on Thursday, I mentioned that I was going to be seeing a lecture by a photographer whose work I LOVE. Well, I slept through the lecture, because I was taking a nap. I never take naps. But on Friday morning I had to get out of bed at 6am by which I mean 6:15 by which I mean 6:30 to get myself ready to work an admissions event at 7:30. Life was hard on Friday morning. Lots of coffee, though, does a perky and jittery Kevin make. I had a lot of coffee on Friday. After working registration for the event, I had less than an hour to kill before my tour slot, so I sat in the back of Zankel and watched my fellow blogger friends and tour guid friends give the student panel as a part of the Open House program.


This past Friday’s tours were unique in that we had to fit a normal 90-minute tour into a 60-minute time slot. “Jeezum Crow!” you say. “That’s crazy!” And you’re right when you say that. But thank Jeezum, I had had many cups of coffee. So my speed-talking was on point. And I was able to fit 90 minutes into an hour. I am a star. And I fit all of my standard sassy jokes in. So that was neat. So I was tired at the end of the day, so I took a nap before¬†¬†going to Druthers where I promptly fell into a food coma because delicious delicious.


On Saturday I slept.


On Sunday, or yesterday, I had Sweeney rehearsal from 3 to 5, and then went to watch the Oscars in Northwoods with my friends Julia, Emily, and Alex. It was a fun, low-key night. I loved it. Not too huge a fan of Seth MacFarlane though…


10 days until California.


Measure in Love,



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