Thirsty Thursday: Sede Vacante Style

Hi friends,


Happy Thursday! I love you all so very much!


So it’s Thursday, which means the weekend is basically here. And that means less than a week until I’m off to California! Wahoo!


So when we last spoke, it was Monday, aka Worstdayever. Mondays are just generally the worst. Sweet! I just got an e-mail with a 20% off coupon for CVS! Righteous! I’m currently blasting the cast recording to Once the Musical. Love it.


So Monday I had rehearsal and class. Nothing too exciting. However, what is exciting is that I’ve been able to leisure read for at least an hour every day this week. Which is nice. The little things, am I right, mec? (mec = French for man)


On Tuesday, we did a more in-depth staging of the Act I Quartet in Sweeney, which I’m, and I’m not trying to brag about but it’s true, the main part of the quartet. It’s such a hard and gorgeous and rewarding song to sing. #soyblessed. I’m really looking forward to the show. The anticipation is actually slowly killing me.


On Wednesday, by which I mean yesterday, I gave a tragic presentation in my feminisms class. I don’t know why it went so badly, maybe it didn’t and it’s all in my head. But I left the front of the class room feeling very dumb afterwards. Oh well. It’s a hard class. Then I had rehearsal. Basically my school week goes like this: Sleep, class, workout, rehearsal. Repeat 5 times. I did my laundry last night, which was nice. It’s nice to smell like fresh meadow dew sometimes, you know?


Today was just class and now workout and then rehearsal. And then sleep.


I often find myself wondering what kind of person makes dollhouses and the furniture that fits within. Like, if you blew a dollhouse up 100 times to scale, would it be just a really old creaky house? Or would the proportions be all over the place. I wonder if I’d be able to comfortably sit in one of the chairs you’d find in a doll house. Probably not, because I hate wooden chairs, so I’d be uncomfortable.


Anyway, so tomorrow is Friday and opening night of Orlando, the blackbox production this semester, and I’m going and am SUPER pumped to see it. Monday is my first midterm. So Sunday is study study study. And Wednesday night, after set strike for Orlando…Gab and I are getting in her car and driving down to Ridgewood, New Jersey for our flight out of JFK on Thursday!


I’ll talk to you soon!


Measure in Love,



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