One of Those Amish Weekends, You Know?

Hi friends,


Happy Sunday! What a weekend this has been!


Let’s start things off with Friday. On Friday, I didn’t have to give a tour, so that free hour and a half was nice. Then I went to class, and then after that I had a tour guide meeting which was fun I guess. Then I went home and got my act together to go have dinner at my friend Christine’s house, Chris and Duncan prepared delicious delicious food and I am normally not an adventurous eater at all but who knew ratatouille was so delicious. I sure didn’t but it is. After dinner, we went to the opening night of black box.


Orlando. Orlando. Orlando. Orlando. Orlando. I’ve been getting teary-eyed thinking about this all weekend, it was just an incredible production. Adapted entirely from Virginia Woolf’s novel of the same title, Sarah Ruhl, the playwright has created a crazy beautiful text using only Woolf’s words. The staging by two seniors, Kathryn Rickman and Jeremy Ohringer, was wonderful. Some jaw-dropping moments. And then, the last five minutes of the play happened and I lost it. Throughout the whole play, I kept thinking to myself, this is great, this is so great, this is so so great, but I’m not crying. And there was this moment where the entire cast sort of marched or floated onto the stage at once and there’s music and Woolf/Ruhl’s extremely visceral language and there was a single tear streaming down my cheek and like that scene in Bridesmaids, the thought in my head was, “It’s happening.” And after that first tear, there were many. I can’t describe to you how I felt. Proud of my friends, moved from the text, inspired by the production as a whole. All of the feelings.


After that, we went to Alexia’s house and baked a far-too-overindulgent dessert: a layer of cookie dough, a layer of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, a layer of brownies. Disgusting. Delicious. Delicious. And we watched two movies: Wet Hot American Summer and Fear Island. Both were obviously masterpieces.


On Saturday, I did nothing until 5pm. I awoke, I showered, I ate dinner in d-hall. Then Duncan and I went back to Christine’s and got prepped for a Disney-themed get-together. I dressed as Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas and he as one of the aliens from Toy Story. Then then then.


The night went on. The parties settled down. The Spa closed.


Duncan, Alexia, Emma, Christine, and I got on the 2:30 bus downtown. To go to Compton’s Diner, which opens at 3am.


It was disgusting. It was delicious. It was delicious. Diner food at 3am. After having Spa food at 1am. Nope, not a good idea. I do not regret it though. It was an experience I needed to have, and one we all had a ton of fun with. And then I woke up at 6am and vommed it all up. #toomuchfoodtoomuchfuntoomuchfriendship


And then I woke up and went to Sweeney rehearsal. And now I’m doing laundry and studying for a midterm tomorrow.


At 11:40pm, one of the comedy groups on campus is coming to tuck me in. I bought this event in an auction a few weeks ago. I’m excited.


3 days, 21 hours until my flight to California.


Measure in Love,



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