FEISTY FRIDAY BECAUSE I COULDN’T POST FROM 36,000 FEET LAST NIGHT also a three-hour time difference

Hi friends~~~~~~~~~~~~~!


Happy Friday from California! That’s right! I’m here! In California! In Santa Clara! Meow! We got here last night.


Okay, so when we last spoke, it was Sunday night and what a weekend it had been! Basically, Monday and Tuesday were just days where I packed a lot and anticipated a lot and cried a lot and then Wednesday came. The final performance of Orlando came and went, and the set strike for it came and went. Then Gab and I got into her car late at night and drove south to Ridgewood, New Jersey, to her home where we stayed for the night. Thursday morning, yesterday morning, we awoke, pumped ourselves with coffee, the life force of the college student, and went to Whole Foods. At 2:30, Gab’s dad’s driver (her dad is a very prominent and successful restauranteur in New York City) picked us up and took us to JFK airport in Queens. And we went through security, where I was frisked thoroughly, probably because of the mustache, and then to our gate where we ate dinner and laughed until we cried until we laughed again and then got darkly quiet. Then we got on the plane, and flew through the blizzard to a starry sky miles above the rest of the world and the problems it has. Gab and I were seated next to the grumpiest man ever. EVER. Nearly 7 hours or one whole eternity later  (literally, such a productive flight. I read three plays and wrote 20 pages of my new play oh yeah oh yeah) we landed in San Jose. We claimed our luggage, met up with Emmeline and Brianne, and immediately went to In-N-Out Burger, which was delicioso. After that, we headed to Santa Clara University and went to sleep, after a long day of travel and laughter and silence. I’m staying in Emmeline’s room and Gab at Brianne’s off-campus house. Today, we’re off to San Francisco to see Castro, the historic gayborhood, which will be cool to see, since I’m gay and have never really seen any of the gay history places except the Stonewall in NYC. And tonight we’re eating at Zuni Cafe, one of the top restaurants in San Francisco. Excitement!

this is just me and gab casually in the airport it's not a big deal my hair is messy but keep in mind that a large tsa agent just frisked me

this is just me and gab casually in the airport it’s not a big deal my hair is messy but keep in mind that a large tsa agent just frisked me


I’ll keep you updated on the trip!


Measure in Love and Vitamin D and Flip-Flops Because It’s Warm Here,



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