What a Week It Was

Hi friends!


Long time no chat, am I right?


When we last significantly spoke, I had just arrived in California and was ready to head to San Fran to see the gayborhood and eat food.


Well, we did that. First, we shopped around on Haight and Ashbury, where I got a really cool new t-shirt with a boat-neck collar. It’s so comfortable. Castro, the historically gay neighborhood, was fantastic. We ate lunch at a tiny little pizzeria/restaurant, where to get a table, you write your name on a chalkboard and they cross your name off as you come in. I wrote “Kev” on the board, and they pronounced it “Keev” because in San Francisco why go mainstream when you can go hipster pronunciation am I right? After that, we walked down Market St/Rd/Ave and shopped a bit. And after that…Dinner. Dinner dinner dinner dinner. Oh my God.


We ate at a restaurant called Zuni Cafe. It’s one of the best restaurants in the city, and to get the table, we had to use Gab’s dad (remember he’s a huge NYC restauranteur) as a way in. And it was well worth it. I died and went to food heaven for the first of two times on this trip that night. Here’s what we ate: First of all, crazy delicious bread. If a restaurant has good bread, I know I’ll not leave disappointed. Then, appetizers: Brianne had a Caesar salad that brought tears to my eyes when I tasted it, Emmeline and I had mind-blowing polenta, each with separate types of cheese on top (she had parmagiano-reggiano and I had mascarpone), and Gab had oysters. Then the main course: Brianne had gnocchi, Emmeline had mahi-mahi that was beyond delicious (my first bite of seafood, yo) and Gab and I split a $50 roasted chicken and savory bread salad that I yelped when I tried for the first time because it was way too goodly and godly. I can’t even describe how perfect this chicken was. One of the best meals of my life, for sure.


That night, we went home and slept. Because we were tired. The next day was a fun fiasco, complete with one of the group (wasn’t me, but I won’t say who) vomiting in the car in Santa Cruz. I went on a roller coaster with Bri, we saw some sea lions, ate delicious ice cream, and then went home and were simply exhausted. Emmeline and I watched Chicago that night, since I had, believe it or not, never seen it. I liked it a lot. On Sunday we slept in and sat around at Santa Clara.


Monday: Gab and I lay out on the Mission quad, their equivalent to our Case Green. I got tan. Gab turned into a tomato. Monday night, we drove to Santana Row, a really nice outdoor mall. There, we ate at a restaurant called The Counter. There is a Counter in New York City that I LOVE, so this was exciting to have. Great burgers and fries, yo.


Tuesday: Gab wore sunscreen. We got more color. We read.


Wednesday: Gab and I spend a day by ourselves in San Francisco. It was a very long day filled with two long train rides to the city, two long walks to Fishermans’ Wharf and back, and AlCaTrAz. I loved Alcatraz, it made me want to commit a heinous crime so I could go to a scary super-max prison. Just kidding, I’d only want to be in Alcatraz for like a day, which we were, so it was perfect. But seriously, the place was huge and scary and inspiring and eerie and jaw-dropping. Scary stuff happened there. It wasn’t a death row prison, it was just a place where, if you escaped, you would die. It’s like that, just because the water around the island is so cold and difficult to swim. And also, the sea lions would definitely eat you. They’re scary. I ate my first full seafood meal ever too, fish tacos. Delicioso. Then we made our way back to Santa Clara and rested up for Thursday.


On Thursday, we chilled all day. Straight-up posted on the grass all day. I think we shopped for Santa Clara merch that day, I don’t know. I know I had a soft-shell crab sandwich for dinner, which made me feel sick because it seemed like it was quadruple deep fried. Yuck/yum.


On Friday, we left.


On Saturday, we got home. I went to the city for an interview, and met up with my best friend Jon, and he came from New Hampshire to see my sister in her final high school show. She was surprised.


Today, Sunday, Jon, Gab, and I headed back to Skidmore.


A restful spring break, an exciting spring break, a tear-filled spring break.




Measure in Love,



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