Posted on May 5th, 2013 by Kevin Berry.
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Hi friends,


How are you? I’m well. I can’t talk for long since it’s Cinco de Mayo and I want to knock out some research for my thesis papers for the two remaining classes I have left – Feminist Theory (the paper is on the stereotypical construction of the intersection and race and gender in the second act of Bruce Norris’ Tony- and Pulitzer-winning play¬†Clybourne Park) and Women of China (the paper is on how arranged marriage was affected in 1930s China when Ibsen’s play¬†A Doll House made its debut and sent men and women alike into a frenzy of analyzing what it meant to be married).


So I’ll be quick here. Life is good. I’m just breathing and balancing sleep with work with doing fun things for myself like going downtown or playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. I spent 6 hours in the library yesterday writing a synthesis paper on Radio City Music Hall and its perfect acoustics.


Tomorrow are physics presentations, then writing writing writing until the papers get done, midnight at Wednesday is the goal.


I bought myself a script to a play I’ve been looking forward to reading as a gift for making it through the sophomore slump.


Okay –




Measure in Love,



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