What Time Is It? Summertime. Ugh. High School Musical Reference

Hi friends!


What a week. I’ve been working my tuchus off, sort of. And then the past two days I was in the city for my internship and for a few theatre performances.


1. I got my old job back, which is nice. I start today at 3pm!

2. My sister has prom tonight. They grow up and get tan so quickly. #spraytan

3. I’m so tired from the past few days. It was a blast –


Here’s how it went down: On Tuesday morning, after a big Memorial Day extravaganza at the country club, I awoke at 4:45am to be on a 5:33 train to New York City. Once I got to Penn, I took the uptown C to 81st and Central Park West, where I waited online from around 6am until 12 noon when I was given two free tickets to the first performance of the Shakespeare in the Park production of The Comedy of Errors, starring Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Hamish Linklater. Then it started to pour. I went to Starbucks, where as a result of violently pulling on a push door, I threw my first caramel macchiato across the place and made a big mess. #blessed. They made me another and I got on the downtown C to go to my dad’s office in FiDi. We got lunch at Ryan Maguire’s, the place we always go, I love it. After that, I headed back uptown for some writing at the same Starbucks I tossed my drink in, and hung out there until 6:30pm or so when I met my friend Emma for dinner at this pizza place where the slices are enormous. Then we saw the show, and our friend Zazie was also there, I told her to come on a whim. And the rain held off. 6 years in a row of threatening rainclouds hovering over the stage every time I’m at the Delacorte in Central Park, 6 years the Shakespeare Deities have held the rain off for me. #blessed. Then we got Shake Shack and headed back to Emma’s where I slept over, in the same building that Bernadette Peters lives in. Emma lives in the same building as a Broadway goddess. The next day, we woke up, had breakfast, and then I headed to rehearsal for the show I’m assistant stage managing as a part of my internship, and then I headed downtown to another Starbucks, where I wrote, and then met my friend Julia and her sister Kat, also my friend, for dinner at Hummus Place. Then I saw Jessica Dickey’s new play at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater. It was gorgeous. I wept a little bit. Very powerful. After the show, I spoke to Jessica (who I’ve become close with since directing a production of her The Amish Project in freshman year of college) and the director, who I love. And after that (It’s only 9pm Wednesday or so at this point) I meet my friend Duncan, who transferred to NYU, and we go to a fun improv show down in Alphabet City, a place I had never been. It was a cool neighborhood. And if that’s not enough for you, I got home to Long Island around 12:45am and had to walk the two miles from the train station to my house and my feet were killing me so I took my shoes off and walked in the smooth asphalt road. And the one time I had to get out of the road for a car, I stepped onto the sidewalk in my bare feet and…stepped on a dead bird. The worst things in life really do come free to us. I screamed so loudly.


This morning I woke up and had a text from my boss asking me to come into werk today. So I’m gonna do that.




Measure in Love,




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