Hi friends!



So I’m in Paris??? Yeah, it’s casual.

I went to my sister’s graduation on Saturday morning and wept gently because I was proud of her.

I went to work after lunch.

I went to my internship on Sunday.

I went to bed Sunday night.

I woke up Monday morning and packed.

Last night, Monday night, I boarded a 777 frok JFK to CDG.


This city is beautiful.

The people.

The architecture.

The cheese.

The wine.

Even the few homeless people I’ve seen.


I can’t wait to see

The Ville-Lumiere –

In real life –

Lit up.


But seriously. This place. I don’t have words yet.

We’re resting before dinner. Everyone is napping, especially my sister.

She’s a sleepy nugget.

She got her hair keratin-treated.

So she can’t shower for six weeks of something.


Tour all day tomorrow.

The Louvre and D’Orsay and others on Thursday and Friday.




Measure in Love,



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