I Tweeted At Amanda Bynes Hoping She’ll Call Me Ugly

Hi friends,


So when we last spoke, I was getting ready for work the next day. Nothing’s changed since then. At all. Every day, work and working out, reading, and sleeping. So exciting.


What is exciting, though, is the incoming first-years get their roomie assignments in less than a few weeks.

Working with them has been great, it really has, and I love my job.

But I’ve been wondering pretty much non-stop if, when I was incoming, I asked the same terrible questions.


Yes, you have to bring bath towels. It’s on the packing list.

No, there’s not shampoo and conditioner in the showers already. It’s on the packing list.

No, there’s no speaker system in your room. It’s on the packing list.

Yes, I am Beyonce.


I probably did ask stupid questions. And if I didn’t (I did), someone else is bound to have asked stupid questions.


I wonder if they’re scared.

I didn’t think I was until we were packing up the car the morning I left.

I was crying in my driveway and my dad hugged me.


I wonder if they’re going to be nice.

I wondered that about my classmates.

And they were.

I assume these kids will be too.


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this stuff.


I think I’ve changed since I came to school –


Look at my first blog posts, I was always complaining about things I thought were wrong with Skidmore, but they weren’t actually wrong, they were just not the way I was used to doing things at home – sharing a bathroom, laundry machines, walking to class dressed like Macklemore in the Thrift Shop video.


And now, it’s all old hat. I’m used to it.


And I think I had a terrible attitude for most of my first year at school.


But now I don’t. I just go with the flow.


If college has taught me one thing outside of theatre and gender studies, it’s that:


Go with the flow.


If any incoming 2017ers, or 18ers, or 19ers, or 35ers are reading this, it’s coming, college is coming, and while it’s scary, you should learn to go with the flow.


I did, and I’m so much better for it.



Measure in Love,



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