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Hi friends!


It’s time for another good ole late night with Kevin Berry update!


Not too much has happened. Same old same old. Work, sleep, workout, work, city, repeat, not necessarily in that order.


We went to Six Flags Great Adventure yesterday. Which was AMAZEBALLS. Fun fact: I’m a huge roller coaster addict, when I can get my fix. Otherwise, I’m in withdrawal, pretending that the simulated rides on Roller Coaster Tycoon are real. So we got there before the park opened, and waited. And then we were let through security and waited. And then we were finally let into the park. We got out Flash Pass GOLD, which was a mucho bueno investment. In this order, we rode(non-coasters in brackets): [Houdini’s Great Escape – more like I want to escape this ride ugh ugh ugh], Kingda Ka, Superman, Green Lantern, El Toro, Rolling Thunder, Bizarro – front row, [Skyride,]. Nitro, Batman, The Dark Knight, Skull Mountain, Superman, El Toro, Bizarro, [Skyride], [Congo River Rapids], Nitro – front row, [Sky Screamer]. And the best thing ever – Kingda Ka in the front row. Some people are like, the cronut is the best thing ever, others say Avicii is the best thing ever, and a lot of people say I’m the best thing ever. Nope. The best thing ever is riding Kingda Ka in the front row. Terrifying. I blacked out. And it was awesome. Not like blacked out in the sense of unconsciousness, but blacked out in the sense of like oh man this is adrenaline and I am on the tallest coaster in the world and the fastest in North America. A coaster in Abu Dhabi hits a higher top speed than Kingda Ka does. So it was the best thing ever.


Today I was at work and I just listened to showtunes all day while I organized the messy messy messy messy messy maintenance office. Haha blessed with employment.


Tonight I ran 11 miles. Summer Shape Up 2013 got really real tonight.


Tomorrow I have work. And then a workout in my attic.


Sunday I’m going to the Hamptons for the day, which will be nice. Gonna keep an eye out for some B-List Celebz. And some delicious pancakes at my favorite place in Montauk. Yes.


My dog is sleeping at such an awkward angle right now, I hope her spine is still intact. That would stink if she was hurt and wasn’t telling me. Oh gosh, thank goodness she moved.


And then Monday! Monday! Ugh, you better not have a case of the Mondays because my new play is having its world premiere reading! How exciting! Here’s the blurb I wrote:

“I want nothing more than to see the east coast of the United States. New York City. Specifically.” And so begins Kevin Berry’s latest, LISA THE LITTLE GIRL – AND SUDDENLY THEY ARE. Join brave eight-year-old Lisa as she walks from Muir County, California, all the way to the Big Apple, in hopes of finding her parents. This Mess has everything from shadow puppets to snowmen to drag queens who look suspiciously like Dame Judi Dench. It’s wacky. It’s out there. It’s bizarre. It’s been described by several homeless men as the new Romeo and Juliet. It’s not a play. It’s not a musical. LISA THE LITTLE GIRL— AND SUDDENLY THEY ARE is a Mess for the theatre: ambitious, unconventional, genre-bending, chaotic, and fearlessly theatrical.


Oh man am I excited for that.




I’m seeing Mumford and Sons on the 28th and then at the buttcrack of dawn, I’m getting up at 4:30am and driving to Skids to be there in time for a theatre pre-or event I’m involved in.


Ugh. Time for bed.




Measure in Love,



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