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Hi friends!


It’s been a while, but I have a good excuse – This past weekend (Thursday to Sunday), I spent an incredibly exhausting, but beyond exciting 43 hours in the theatre (including a 4 hour nap one of the days) sitting in auditions and callbacks and post-callback meetings and casting negotiations for the Theater department shows this semester. Literally that’s all I did. No parties, no seeing friends, no shopping. Just the theater. It was AWESOME.


Except, now, I’m sick. Which stinks. A terrible cold made worse by exhaustion and self-imposed stress. I took the afternoon and night off to sleep and do laundry (and write this blog post). Tomorrow, I’m meeting with Lary Opitz, the chair of theater, to go over my abroad application and get his approval for my course choices for my time studying abroad next semester. Casual. That’s something I’ve also been busy with – applying to go abroad. I’m getting my act together and taking it on the road to London for six months next year.


My grandparents are coming to visit on Friday, which I’m super pumped for, because I miss my family and I miss my dog Rosie, and they have a dog, Bailey, who reminds me of Rosie in that both dogs are complete queens and are so regal. One time, Bailey looked at me, and said “Off with their heads” regarding no one in particular but I bowed down to her because she’s a queen.


I miss my friends. This semester is odd, because a ton of my friends (including my 4 best friends Lily, Abby, Sophie, and Emily) are all abroad and my senior friends (and most of my junior friends, including Jon Lemay, my best brother in the world) are in Northwods apartments for the year while I’m here in the dorms. I feel disconnected, and it’s going to be a difficult semester without my friends, but I’m doing what’s best for my educational future and I’m going to do Giant Things while I’m in London and I’m going to create plays and worlds for characters to thrive in. I don’t know. It’s a weird semester.


Classes are great so far. I’m taking 7:


1. Funky Plays: “After the Industrial Revolution, ugliness became accepted in the world of the arts.” A class where we read weird plays so far off the beaten track it’s amazing they were ever written or performed. So strange. Gautam, the professor, is a fascinating man and I love him.


2. Production Seminar: The academic portion of my position as assistant director on Polaroid Stories, the blackbox production this semester. Fun!


3. Intermediate Acting (Suzuki): A very rigorous, specific type of actor method training. It’s so fun, so sweaty, so satisfying. I always feel like I have to say Namaste at the end of class. There are only 6 students in a class that usually has 25-30, so it’s very personal.


4. Dance Production: Learn how to light for dance! There are 7 students! #blessed


5. Theatre Production: Learn how the theatre works! Mwa! There are 9 students in a class that usually has 20. #SoBlessed


6. Intro to Theatre Design: I can’t draw! But I have to for this class! It’s all about set design! Why am I ending all of my sentences with with exclamation points?!


7. Born In America: It’s about Birth. I never want to have a c-section. Ugh. So graphic. So gender studies. But seriously, the class is awesome, and Mary Lynn, the prof, is a complete gem. She literally wrote the book on Skidmore College, “Make No Small Plans.”


The first years are all so great! Having worked with them for the past 8 months or so, they’re all so excited to see me. LOL. I am a celeb.


Alright, time to shift my laundry to the dryer.


Measure in Love,



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