the final american post: 1/6/14

Hi friends,

Well, it’s here. And it’s almost gone: my last day in America for a while.

What’s happened since I last posted?

Wednesday came and went. Thursday – with lunch with Julia and coffee with Robin which really means we hung out for a bit at her apartment before I went to dinner and to see Kinky Boots with the family – came and went. Lily and Sophie came on Friday – and went. My shopping spree on Saturday which was brief with a stop at the Gap and at Barnes and Noble came – and went. And in a surprise twist, my dinner with Gab, Alexia, and Laura came and went last night. I’m glad they were the last friends I saw. It was a blast and the conversation was hilarious. And today with all of the crazy running around for last minute Q-Tips and shampoo and stuffing scheisse into bags has come but not gone yet. Tonight is the Last Supper – my “final” meal in America, everyone’s been treating it like I’m never coming back – at George Martin, my favorite restaurant in town, with the family.

My previous post, I felt WEIRD. The theme was weird. Today, the theme is impatient. Like – get me on the plane already oh man. Impatient. I’m so excited. I don’t know how else to describe it – I’m too excited to come up with another word. I might be scared but it’s time. You’re not ready until you commit. I’m so ready. I’m so pumped.

I don’t want to set any goals for London, even if in the back of my head I have a list. I just want to be. Take what’s thrown at me and do what I can with it and have the time of my life doing it.

I don’t want to say this is the way it’s going to go or this is the way it’s going to go because in reality I have no freaking clue how it’s going to go and I can not hinder myself with expectation. ┬áJa feel?

And so, it’s nearly time for dinner and I must get dressed.

Until tomorrow –






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