BOY DO I HAVE THINGS TO TELL YOU: three journal entries, 8 pages.


Dear Frazer,

I’m on the plane! Excited for the six months ahead of me barely begins to describe how I feel.

After an extremely long day of waiting, my dad, mom and sister piled into the Benz wagon and headed to the airport, where I checked into Flight BA172 from JFK to LHR. At the bag check in, I had to redistribute my bags’ weights and that resulted in me needing a heavy plastic bag for some of my stuff that I had to carry-on. Classic me packing too much, am I right ladies? After that, my journey through Terminal 7 was smooth sailing. The flight boarded a bit late and as a result took off pretty late, BUT BUT BUT I was upgraded to first class! I was originally in seat 28G, next to a nice looking French family. Through a small mixup I was upgraded to 18G, next to a smoldering hot French man. Yikes/yum. They gave me champagne! And a handkerchief when I sneezed! I mean, I’ve flown first class before but this was special because it – the extra comfort, and free food and drink, and the sexy Frenchman – made the nerve-wracking first steps away from America a little easier. I’ll read Vanity Fair, have a glass of wine, and doze off – IN MY 180 DEGREE FLAT MECHANICAL AIRPLANE BED/SEAT. [Note, added later: I think the Frenchman took a sleeping pill because he slept through the most turbulent flight of my life.]


Here. I. Come.

This city has no freaking clue what’s about to hit it.



Dear Frazer,

I’m honestly too tired to write too much today.

The flight was extremely turbulent.

We got here, to Goldsmiths around noon.

I’m extremely tired.

I’m all moved in.

Went food shopping.

Made friends with some Brazilians.




Dear Frazer,

Sorry about that stinky entry yesterday. I was just too tired at the end of the day to write too much. Where shall I begin?

So I get off the plane and I go through customs which takes forever/45 minutes. I struggle to find Brandon, one of the other Skidmore kids on the program with me, who I was meeting at the airport. And after a stressful and sweaty hour of searching for him, I find him. We got a cab to campus with a hilarious crass smart cabbie who showed us the basic sights along the drive.

By the way, I’m writing this journal entry waiting for the Overground to get into my station so I can get my new phone in Surrey Quays, a shopping centre ten minutes away. MY BRITISH PHONE. I’m going to prank call Prince Harry. And tell him I love him. Is that how pranks work? A loud couple is talking in slow loud sentences to each other down the platform and it’s very irritating/endearing because they’re laughing so hard.

And we get to campus, to Loring Hall, and check in, and I’m in Flat D1. The room is bigger than the closet I was told to expect, and I have my own bathroom! I unpacked, tried to set up my internet, which didn’t work, so I had to go to the library –


Just got on the train. Smells nice, and it’s clean!

To the library, where they fixed my computer and hooked me up! The woman next to me smells like cigarettes and sweet apples. There are no doors between overground cars, just a large tube. Hm.


Whoa. 9 hours later, I get back to this. Sorry. What a day.

To the library, where they fix my computer and hook me up. Then I move in some more and get a sandwich and see Sarah Khazzam. Sarah is a gal from my hometown on Long Island. I went to school all the way up til college with her brother Matt. She’s studying at Goldsmiths getting her Master’s degree. Visited her for a bit and then went back to unpacking. Showered, and went to the pub for a meet and greet with the other study abroad students who are new this semester. Out of 7000 students at Goldsmiths, 1200 are international. Including me. I’M AN INTERNATIONAL STUDENT NOW. I made friends with a group of 11 hilarious and rambunctious Brazilians. After the pub, we went food shopping and I miraculously made all healthy choices. I unpacked the goods at home and went to sleepy sleep at 11pm or so.

I woke up at 1:32 thinking I had overslept all the way through but I didn’t. And woke up at the properly appointed time, 8:15am.

Orientation was tedious, fun, and awkward. As these things tend to be, with icebreakers and all that. I made a friend named Alfred from New Jersey. Between orientation sessions, I took my first Overground ride to Surrey Quays where I got my phone. Dropped some stuff off at home, and went to the theatre meeting, after which, Al and I bought tickets to our first theatre excursion of the semester, to see Fortune’s Fool at the Old Vic. It was very lovely. I won’t go into too much detail about these things here unless it really grabs me or if I really hate it. I don’t want to bore you with my opinions. Made dinner, lamb and veg and then went to the theatre. Came home, and am here.

I have two suiteĀ  flatmates here so far, out of 7 flatmates. I’m the eighth. There’s Ricky from China, who’s really sweet, and Mamiko from Japan who I’ve only met once, but very quickly.

The night trains pass by. It sounds amazing.

Tomorrow, Alfred and I are going to see A Drowned Man, an immersive theatre piece by PunchDrunk, who created New York City’s Sleep No More, which is amazeballs. I’m so excited. I get to wear a mask!

I’ll probably have time to go for a run tomorrow too! Sweet!






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