PunchDrunk, Food, Goodly Things: five journal entries


Dear Frazer,

Hi, how are you? How is life as a TSA agent at JFK treating you? Great, I’m so glad.

I overslept for my induction this morning, but not to worry because it was really a meeting for edu students and the gender studies students were tossed in there as a sidenote. So I didn’t miss anything.

Made friends with my flatmates Ricky and Mamiko this morning. They’re hilarious. I had been introduced to them briefly but today I really go to know them over a long, early afternoon breakfast in the kitchen. They intorduced me to EVERYONE who walked by our window.

After that I got my act together and went to the gym, which was stunnah. Ran 5.5 miles, feelin good. A warm up for tonight’s extravaganza, A Drowned Man, the PunchDrunk show, which requires walking around in a mask in silence for three hours.


a special entry from the theatre journal: PunchDrunk’s A Drowned Man

[I’m really passionate about this show. I’ve already got tickets to see it twice more (as of 1/13, when I’m typing this)]

Design: The sound design was unbelievable. Never heard anything quite like it. The lights were subtle and perfect. The costumes were my everything – gorgeous 1960s attire. THE SET was 6 floors of Paddington warehouse converted into fully climate controlled immersive theatre spaces. Wonderful. The propsmaster was a god. Never wanted to leave the space.

Acting: Committed and brilliand and unwaveringly bold. The stakes were always higher than seemed possible. I wish I could have seen more of the actors [I will next time]. Just brilliant. Particularly, the security guard, who I followed most of the night, played by Paul O’Shea. I spent most of my time with him. Also extremely talented were the actresses who played Dolores and the MakeUp Lady.

Whoever directed this/assembled this like this is my idol. The thought put into this piece was unlike even Sleep No More in NYC- also by PunchDrunk, it was completely on another level.

Overall I found myself breathless at parts of the show, and at other points though few and far between, wanting it to pick up and for the next exciting thing to happen. The one on one I got was TERRIFYING, the interactions I had with the security guard were great, and the public one to one with the waiter was SEXY. The dance number in the finale was the most brilliant and messed up thing I’ve ever seen onstage. Mindblowing. IT WAS PERFECT.



Dear Frazer –

Where to begin? What a day!

Last night Alfred and I saw A Drowned Man which was so far beyond spectacular it’s in some realm where there are no adjectives to describe how heavenly wonderful it was.

This morning was an early rise for a tour of London! I don’t care about the sights unless Bridget Jones is somehow involved. Love her.

Met up with friends at the pub after the tour and we headed to Shoreditch for dinner via double decker, three tubes, and an overground. It was a hassle but the falafel made it ALL worth it. Then I went to a seance.



Dear Frazer,

Hi how are you I’m great thanks.

Today was sort of a non-day. I woke up at 2pm and got out of bed at 4pm to start cooking dinner for me and Alfred. I made a chicken and pasta dish. COuld have used some cheese. But it was good.

We made a list of 30 shows to see before the end of February and bought tickets to three for this week. Bringing this week’s total of culture to 4 shows, and 2 museums.

Classes start tomorrow!



Dear Frazer,

I’ve just got back from the worst production of any play I’ve ever seen so forgive me if I seem a little cross. It was just so dreadful.

So today was my first day of class, and it was a bit of a mess because of a classroom mix up with whatever they call the registrar over here. I woke up at a normal time today, which indicates my battle against jetlag can be called in my favor, like Shrek defeating the knights in the wrestling ring at Duloc I’ll be here all week try the veal. After class I worked out and ran 6 miles and made dinner (chicken panini wrap with peppers, avocado, and goat cheese). Then went to see this play which shall remain nameless and was terrible. So bad.

I seem to have settled down and made my first real core group of friends here, and they’re very different from any of my friends at home, which is something I like, I think. I like that I’ve made friends because, really, I’m not a friendly person, and so making friends, is, to me, a great challenge.




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