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Dear Frazer,

Happy Sunday, hi how are you?

I woke up late today since it’s Sunday and I had a pretty lazy day. Went to Sainsbury’s to get some basic ingredients for my pasta dish I made for dinner. For lunch, I was craving macaroni and cheese REALLY hard and so I ripped apart Sainsbury’s until I found some. Delicious. The day was CARBALICIOUS definition make my stomach crazy.

I ate the mac and cheese. Watched some TV/Netflix/internet. Alfred came over for tea and biscuits because he is homesick. He’s a good friend.

Today was a boring day. Today was a good day.



Dear Frazer –

Thank Gosh you’re here. I saw Mojo tonight, a play by Jez Butterworth. It was awesome because Rupert Grint is in it but he wasn’t particularly memorable. Brendan Coyle, who plays Bates on Downton Abbey, was also in it and yelled a lot. Great night at the theatre.

Today was EXCELLENT.

Led a great discussion in my gender studies class. Not led, really. But I talked the most out of anyone and made good points apparently. I really like the class. I came home and worked out, ran 6 miles, which felt great. Then I went to the theatre!

Came home and talked to many friends on Facebook.

I’m exhausted. And happy.



Dear Frazer,

I am very tired so please forgive me. Today was a great day, a most excellent one. Feels like it went by super fast. So much happened.

Woke up around noon, and found out my class was cancelled because the main building was filled with water from a flood. So I went for a quick, lame workout, and then headed out to Central London, to see an immersive piece of theatre called The Day Shall Declare It, which was dense and odd and beautiful. Then I went to dinner at an unbelievably good Indian restaurant called Roti Chai and had delicious chicken and naan. I love Indian food. Almost as much as I love BROADWAY.

I need to sleep.



Dear Frazer,

My succession of good days continues with another great day. Woke up, showered, got a GREAT cup of coffee, went to an inspiring and awesome acting class. It’s so different from any of m acting classes at Skidmore. It’s very refreshing, in a way. Like using a new type of shampoo or a really great moisturizer. You just wanna go out and sing in the rain, ya feel? I’M SINGIN IN THE RAIN JUST SINGIN IN THE RAIN. Just like that, yeah. After that, I showered and cooked the fastest weirdest dinner I’ve ever had and then went to London Theatre, where we had a great discussion about The Drowned Man, which as you may or may not know at this point, is my favorite. After that, we went together as a class to see a play called Blurred Lines, at the National Theatre, which was anything but my favorite and I hated it. A lot. Now I’m here, alone in my room. Alone, forever alone. Just me and my tea. Alone. Like in that episode of Spongebob where they keep repeating alone over and over. That’s me.

Wish I had more to tell you, Fraz, but I don’t. Hope JFK is treating you well.



Dear Frazer –

I saw Rent tonight.

The New York accents, though.


Not as emotional as I expected it.

It was just loud and draining. Am I becoming an old man?

I guess we’re all on our way to becoming Benjamin Button old man babies, aren’t we? In the grand sense of things?

Now I’m home alone again, in my flat, drinking tea.

I am really happy here, though. That’s a good thing.

A new book came for me in the mail today. Though I sometimes come across as illiterate I do reading on occasionally.



Dear Frazer –

Hey! How are you!

I’m frakking GREAT. Sitting in a pub in Paddington before meeting a Skidmore kid before we see The Drowned Man. His first time, my fourth time. YAAAS.

Today didn’t go quite as planned, but was very ¬†lovely nonetheless. Woke up late and was angry at myself for not listening to my alarm. But instead of lying there in self-loathing, I put on some Abba, cleaned up my Mamma Mia messyroom, got myself Super Trooper dressed, and headed out for a Dancing Queen afternoon at the Tate Modern, an at museum on the Thames, in Waterloo. Stunning stuff. My eyes welled up with tears in the Rothko Room. It was so exciting to see such innovative and inspiring work. So great. So blessed. Then I walked in the rain along the Thames South Bank Riverwalk to the National Theatre, where I picked up a book I had ordered through their bookshop. I had also purchased two books on Linguistics and Chaos Theory as they relate to art and several postcards at the Tate Modern. After stopping at the National, I had planned on going to the Hayward Gallery but it was SO expensive and I was absolutely not about that life. Most of the museums and galleries here are free. What to heck. Oh well. So I got on the train to Paddington and here I am. I bought a few more postcards and am filling them out in this pub, which is either called Walker Taylor or Taylor Walker. I had a bodacious chicken sandwich for dinner.

I think what I’m learning to appreciate about this city is how nice and polite everyone is. Sure, there’s a bad clementine in every sack, but this particular sack is extremely large and there are a ton of great clementines to make up for the one bad on. I call this a citrus metaphor. Everyone’s so great. Like today, I was on the Tube, and there was this hilarious family, a mother and two sons. The kids were 12 and 15 or so. The 12 year old still a playful kid and the 15 year old desperately trying to come across as cool. The mother’s reaction to everything they said was perfectly timed and witty. And we got to talking, and when the train got to Piccadilly or Charing Cross, I can’t remember which, the train got insanely crowded and the 12 year old seemed to have gotten crushed behind a large businessman wearing a stained tie. The mother instinctively became worried about her son being intact and not crushed into human flavored marmalade. The stain√©d businessman calmed her down, saying he was pushing himself away from the wall to give the kid some breathing room. SO NICE. I love people. Then, at the pub, I was sharing my table until a few minutes ago, with a nice gal who was reading a play I love. We discussed the play and had a nice conversation and then she had to leave, but she was so nice. I wish I had gotten her name. I think it was Marie. She seemed like a Marie. I’ll call her Marie. People are nice.

Today was so great.

I hope tomorrow is just as great.



Dear Frazer –

Drowned Man was AMAZE once again. We went home last night – we? I mean me. Me. Went to bed, woke up rested as heck. Showered and walked down to New Cross House, a restaurant around the bend from school. Here I am, filling out more postcards, eating delicious pizza, loving life.

Today was simple and lovely.



Dear Frazer –

It’s late! I’m exhausted!

Came home from New Cross House last night, watched some Netflix, started looking at options for Reading Week and Easter vacations, went to bed, woke up, worked out, and then went to meet Alfred in Central for Chinese New Year. By the time I got there, the show was just ending, but the crowd was LOVING it. We tried to get West End but nothing was running, and so we got dinner and went on the LONDON EYE, which was ridiculous. It was amazing. Then I came home and booked my Reading Week trip. I’m going to Lisbon, Portugal for 4 and a half days by myself and then going to meet Cloud in Paris for three days then coming home for the last few days of break.

I think I fell in love with the city tonight. I’ve ben saying I love it here, so far, but I think tonight was really the night where I fell head over heels. It happened on the Waterloo Bridge. You can see all the way around, from the Eye, to Westminster and Big Ben, to the top of the Trafalgar Pillar, to the Somerset House, to the glare from Piccadilly, to the top of St. Paul’s, to the Walkie-Talkie Building, to the Tower, to the Tower Bridge, to The Shard, down the Thames, to the Globe, to the National Theatre, to Waterloo, and back to the Eye. So beautiful.

I love London.

I love London.

I love you, Frazer.



Dear Frazer –

I’ve just gotten home from seeing Once the Musical on the West End, where I cried for two and a half hours. I love folk music. And I love Ireland. I’ve never been to Ireland, but I love the idea. I’m going to Dublin soon though!

Today was good! I overslept my first class by a bit but I rushed to get my act together and got to class only a few minutes late. But the class, gender studies, was AWESOMESAUCE today. I made dinner. Then I went to the theatre. Yay. Yes.

Here I am, now. In bed. Exhausted. Happy.



Dear Frazer,

Hello, how are you? I am well. Do you love me?

I am in the laundry room. Today was odd, but also very good. I woke up at 11, which was okay since I didn’t have class until 3. I showered and got my act together and met my friend Oliver for coffee. His two friends Leah and Hettie came and met us, and they’re really fun. Then I went to Student Union where I had a sandwich and finished reading a depressing play.

After that it was off of to my three-hour lecture, British and American Musical Theatre, which may as well be called Gossip Gossip Backstab Tap Dance Gossip.

Now I’m here, eating leftovers from last night as my laundry spins around and around. Like life. Spinning around and around. Here for the long haul of the laundry marathon. It’s very chilly in here and I can’t really feel my fingers.

I really want tea.



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