June is Busting Out All Over, I Guess

Dear Frazer,

Hey girl, how are you? I miss you like a fat kid misses Krispy Kreme.

When we last spoke, I was heading into the theatre to see a spoopy medieval play. It was good. Not great, but very good. But very spoopy.

It’s been an odd few weeks with a lot of emotional ups and downs. I’ve pretty much just been hanging out in New Cross, with the occasional foray into Central for the theatre or for an exciting adventure.

Some highlights:

I went to the opening night of the musical In the Heights, at the Southwark Playhouse. During the interval, I met Susie, the producer’s girlfriend, who then introduced us to Kylie, her girlfriend and the producer. Kylie invited my friend James and I to stay after the show for the opening night cast party, which was catered with American barbecue food and free drinks. It was AMAZING and so much fun and I got to network a lot with some really great people.

I went to the zoo with two gals who are nearly as sardonic as I am, and we laughed until we cried. At the zoo, they had a lot of birds in aviaries, and a section devoted to bugs. The Bug House was terrifying. After the zoo, we headed to Camden Market, which was kind of fun and also made me feel like I was going to be human trafficked by a man selling twenty t-shirts for three dollars. We also ate a great burger, from this place called Honest Burgers. Wouldn’t it stink if it were called Dishonest Burgers? Like, why you frontin’ with me, burger? Don’t be lyna me. I see right through you, I’ll call you Transparent because I see right through your beefy, burger lies. Though these french fries/chips are hella good, burger. Anyway, great burger.

I saw a play called 1984, based on George “The Bae” Orwell’s novel, and I sat in the front row, and fangirled so hard through the entire show – it was one of the most thrilling pieces of theatre I’ve seen since being here, and afterwards I met the entire cast and the assistant director, who, the next week, would give me a backstage tour of the National Theatre, where I always hang out. The place is huge. Anyway, the show was fantastic and bloody and exciting.

That same day, I took the train up into Northwest London and went to Harry Potter Studios. I don’t really need to explain why it was awesome unless you’ve been living in the middle of the Congo for the past twenty years. I cried because childhood.

Another highlight was going to Brixton Market for lunch with my friends John and James. I had a great quesadilla and they each had separate types of pad thai.

I also had the best burger I’ve ever had when I went to Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen. I had an emotional moment when I took my first bite of the burger. Gordon Ramsay actually sensed my emotions and came running out of the kitchen holding a pan of fresh gnocchi and he told me to get myself together and stop crying, you sniveling work-donkey. That’s what he called me, which wasn’t too nice. Great burger.

I went to Regent’s Park last Saturday with my friend from Skidmore, Dani. She’s working here at a theatre for the summer. It was really great to see her. And on Sunday, I saw my friend Juls, Skidmore ’13, who is currently living here for work. She took me out to dinner at the best Indian restaurant I’ve ever been too. I had these spinach dumplings for my appetizer, and they came in this green sauce and I wanted to take a shower where instead of water it was just this sauce and I don’t even mind that I would smell spicy like that, that’s how good this green sauce was.

Other highlights include watching all of House of Cards in 5 days, all of the webseries Submissions Only in less than 2, and the return of Orange Is The New Black and my discovery of Sherlock.

Lowlights include an anxiety attack last week where I wanted to go home so badly that I could scream. I think learning to deal with homesickness has been one of the most fulfilling things I’ll take away from my time abroad. It’s not that I’ve even constantly wanted to go home. I haven’t, most of the time. Then there are moments where you see a flatmate Skyping with her mom in Taiwan, or where you see a couple with a really cue dog in the park near your flat, or where you see a baby, or a man wearing an American flag onesie, and those are the moments where you just crave a good ole grilled cheese and chocolate milk like Grandmas used to make or where you want to sing the Star-Spangled Banner but you can’t because you’re on the tube and Americans abroad are disliked enough as it is or where you wanna curse at someone for walking too slow on the street but you can’t because you’re not in New York. Moments like that. Not to make light of my situation, but I’ve had small periods of intense homesickness.

But I’m fine now, and I have two weeks left on this small Island before heading across the ocean to an even smaller one.

My last two weeks in London. Let’s live it up.

As my favorite band One Direction says, “Tonight let’s get some [fun] and live while we’re young.”




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