Rats So Large They Could Win The Preakness

Hi friends!


So the Fourth of July weekend was AMAZE. Gab and I drove up to Sarafreakintoga in the middle of a Monsoon and it was terrifying and fun and I love her so much and she’s such an important gal in my life. We got there around eleven at night, and Gina and Gab and I screamed because we were so excited to see each other and be reunited after 6 long months apart. I needed a diaper change because I was so happy to see Gina. We caught up that night, me and Gina did, despite having FaceTimed or texted or Facebooked literally every day while I was in England.

“So how was abroad?” she asked me, with a devilish wink. “What’s London like?”

On Friday, we went to a barbecue at the Hudson River, at Hayiland Cove. It was chilly, but we went hecking swimming in the river/lake situation – not entirely sure what body of water it was. Could have been the Dead Sea for all I know. That was fun and we got ice cream from this spooky/old timey/great stand on the side of the road in a cornfield. #corn

The rest of the weekend was filled with crazy delicious food at the crazy delicious restaurants in town. We ate at Putnam Market and Druthers on Saturday, which were both just as amazing as I remember them.  Yum. Also met up with my theatre professor Eunice and her two children, Sam and Bella, for a laugh-filled, bodacious coffee and conversation session. BooooooooOOOOOOOO0000000dacious. Her children are geniuses.

On Sunday, we headed home after a lovely stop in town for ice coffee and a sandwich for the drive.

We got stuck in scary bad traffic on the way home, which we should have expected due to it being the 4th of July weekend but we didn’t expect it and we were so afraid, so so afraid.

The next day, I went back to my heckin’ internship! Last week, I was working on a new play development process, by a cool young writer and directed by the actor who played the creepy bug scientist who hits on Clarice in Silence of the Lambs, and he’s a great guy but I can’t look at him without thinking of fava beans. Love him. And one of my fave actors, T. Ryder Smith, is in the play and is also super super nice.

On Saturday, I came in early for coffee and a walk around with my friend Zazie, who graduated in 2013. It was so nice to see her again after a year apart. Went to Chelsea Market and walked the High Line like a lonely person, and then met Duncan, who transferred from Skidmore to NYU’s screenwriting program. We saw a GREAT improv show.

On Sunday I woke up late and got ice coffee and saw my sister in a play she’s in and went to my neighbor’s graduation party.

On Monday I went to rehearsal with a crazy cool physical theater company who are in residence at the Bushwick Starr this week.

Yesterday I also went to rehearsal and had a good salad and got home late and ate cookie.

Today, I’m at rehearsal and am seeing my favorite band Lake Street Dive tonight and am probably going to have a salad for lunch.

I’m getting excited for my senior year. I’m directing a play about Walt Disney in September and performing a solo show about Barbra Streisand. And friends I’m excited for my friends.

This weekend, there’s going to be a railroad strike so commuting in to work next week is going to be yikeskino jonesenbergen.

Alright, back to rehearsal.


Peace n blessins.


Measure in Love,


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