Hi friends!

Okay so a lot has happened that has prevented me from writing, particularly in the last week.

1. My show opened and closed. …the Death of Walt Disney went really really well and was receive by its audiences with praise and some hate, which is exactly what I wanted. I’m extremely grateful to the theatre department for their response.

2. I went to my first non-family wedding, which was CRAZY and crazy FUN. My best friend Emily’s sister Sarah got married and I was lucky to be invited. Emily was the maid of honor and looked gorgeous on the day of the event.

3. I went home for the weekend and saw three plays and went to the Brooklyn Museum of Art and ate a lot of stellar pizza and went on a particularly memorable taxi ride through Brooklyn and laughed a lot like a crazy person and cried and went on a Broadway stage which was cool even though I don’t usually like commercial theatre but this was really special.

4. I had a doozy of a weekend over parents’ weekend: I went to Schenectady on Thursday night to see the national tour of Newsies which my other best friend Gab was working on and then stayed overnight with her in the hotel she was staying in. Then Saturday night, Gab came to stay with me, and when we went downtown to take advantage of the bar scene, I experienced discrimination first-hand, which I would rather not talk about in too much detail. And then the Monday after that, I was hit by a car on my first run in a month which was obviously such a mess. I’m okay but I did fall to the floor and say “Ow.”

The man who was driving the car was angrier at me for having broken the mirror on his car than I was for him HAVING HIT ME WITH HIS CAR. He was like, Hey kid you broke my mirror and I was like Hey kid YOU COULD HAVE BROKEN MY LIFE.

Anyway, I went home to Skidmore and wept a lot.

Hard week. But I rise above, like Spiderman.

I went for my first real run in 5 weeks yesterday and am feeling sore and great.

My capstone stuff is coming along well, my theatre thesis show is almost completely on paper which is good, and my other classes are hard and challenging in the best way.

You know that thing when you’re running and you step on a dead opossum? Yeah, me too.

You know that thing when you make chicken fajitas and they’re so spicy that your housemates are coughing for a long time afterwards and they didn’t even eat the spicy chicken fajitas? Yeah, me too.

You know that thing where you’re going to be a second semester senior in college in a few months and you’re terrified and beyond excited and nervous and stressed and so relaxed?

Yeah, me too.

It’s Halloween this week, which is a holiday I don’t really like celebrating. Normally I love costumes and costume parties and any excuse to dress up like a crazy person – just not when everyone in the world is dressing crazy. If I dress crazy at the same time as everyone else, then for that day, I’m just normal. Nope. That bores me. That being said, I’m dressing up as Little Edie Beale, the gay icon immortalized in the documentary Grey Gardens. She was an eccentric character who loved living. Me too.


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