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Whoa, what the heck, it’s been more than a heckin’ month since I last posted. I didn’t post at all during November what the heck! Probably because I was too busy focusing on No Shave November or Movember and trying to grow a massive beard that made me look like a sexy November Lumberjack. Mr. November, am I right? Just kidding I wasn’t focusing on growing a beard, you guys. I was SICK for all of NOVEMBER and am still feeling the REPERCUSSIONS of coughing nonstop for FOUR WEEKS. #BruisedRibsBerry. Anyway, I’m feeling back, fresh, and in the flesh, ya feel?

So, what’s happened since right before Halloween? Well, Halloween happened, and I was Little Edie Bouvier Beale, a gay icon immortalized in the documentary Grey Gardens. Basically my costume was a large swath of fabric fashioned into a large hooded tunic dress type thing with a hood and okay, it sounds ugly and it was but I looked just like Little Edie and it was a HIT and I was HOT.

In addition to dealing with a case of the bubonic plague for the entire month, my academic Black Death also occurred with me working myself to the bone, trying to get two papers completely done before Thanksgiving break (I didn’t) and writing half of another (I did). I went to Health Services one time, and the nurse told me I seemed too stressed and to take a few days off from homework (like a weekend), so I did, and that helped a ton. I think the key here is just to relax a bit and let myself de-stress so that I don’t go CRAZY or DIE. Don’t wanna die, right?! Yeah, right. Don’t wanna die. Defs not planning on that!!!

So I relaxed a bit and saw my friends and loved them a lot.

Then it was Thanksgiving which is like hey whoa it’s my birthday too. I ate a lot of food and saw people from home and saw a bunch of plays, one of which was incredible and life-transforming, and the second one was a lot of fun, and the third one was one of the saddest plays I’ve ever seen and made me not want to come back to school and finish my education because the point of the play was that there’s no hope for anyone who’s not married by the time they’re twenty and I’m already twenty-two so like what was the point, ya know? Maybe I’ll never be wed.

And now it’s post-Turkey Day crunch time! I did a presentation and have two other presentations this week and have to finish my capstone and write an entire other paper! CRUNCH CRUNCH.

And on top of that, my best friend Alexia and my sister Bridget are both coming to visit this week, which is extremely exiting. And I bought a new tube of Burt’s Bees moisturizer which is nice and making my skin smooth as all heck heck yeah.

I’ll try to write again soon. Or before May 16th, when I graduate.


Measure in Love,



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