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Technology Literacy? Digital Literacy? Digital Fluency? Why is it important to our new general education curriculum?

When Bringing Your Own Device is Not Enough: Identifying What Digital Literacy Initiatives Really Need, is the title of a recent article from EDUCAUSE Review, dated April 23, 2019. The article proposes a broadening of the traditional definition of digital literacy and suggests using the phrase digital fluency instead. Here are a few quotes from the article that may pique your interest:

  • “… two-thirds of faculty think that students are prepared to use software applications, but students themselves express discomfort with applying these tools for learning.”
  • “Several factors contribute to this disconnect between tool usage and academic skill development.  For one, students are often not exposed to how to use and navigate databases for research, how to create projects with different digital tools, or even how to communicate and collaborate flexibly to meet the needs and interests of diverse groups. Not all students are required to take any type of course in computer skills or computer application, and while many primary and secondary schools now give students access to devices such as iPads or Chromebooks, rarely do they receive formal instruction on how to use these devices.”
  • “On college campuses, it is not always clear where students go to access training for these skills. Sometimes, this training can be located in libraries; at other times, it may be offered in dormitories. Regardless, instruction in digital literacy acquisition is often inconsistent, both from campus to campus and even among students on the same campus.”

LEDS is Here to Help

LEDS offers a range of Technology Literacy Workshops that we will bring to the classroom for you. We are also available to brainstorm ideas of how to tailor technology literacy experiences for your students that meet the specialized requirements of your departmental curriculum goals. Contact us at:


Where Clinical Psychology Meets Virtual Reality: Activating Virtual Psychotherapy Practices

LEDS assistant Amanda Peckler interviews Prof. Casey Schofield about the use of VR in her teaching and research.

Is Clinical Virtual Reality Ready for Prime Time?

Is Clinical Virtual Reality Ready for Prime Time? Presented by Albert “Skip” Rizzo, PhD October 4th from 7:00-8:30pm in Gannett Auditorium Co-sponsored by Psychology, Neuroscience, Math, Computer Science, LEDS, and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty Since the...

Students Explore the Effect of Bodily Presence on Immersion and Interactivity

Students in Aaron Pedinotti's Virtual Reality class spent time in the LEDS training room attempting to understand the effect of bodily presence on immersion and interactivity by experiencing the phenomena themselves. They did this by "playing" two games, one in first...

LEDS represents at the CDETG Spring 2018 Meeting

Aaron and Ben gave a presentation entitled, "Getting Started with a Campus VR Strategy"  at the 2018 Capital District Educational Technology Group (CDETG) Spring Meeting on June 11, 2018 held at the Albany Law School. This meeting brings together instructional design...

A green screen for video production and editing comes to Library 222

Green screens allow one to insert a different background into live or recorded video or when editing images. For example, in the images below, we demonstrate how you can modify the background of a live Zoom videconference call. The software has the ability to swap out...

Blackboard gets a facelift

The Blackboard landing page is changing this summer. Although the courses themselves will look and function the same, the base navigation will be simplified and be easier to navigate. Among other things, making your courses available to students each semester will be...

3D Printing Lab is open for business in the library

Faculty are encouraged to make use of our new 3D printing lab. Whether you have a classroom or research project that could benefit from access to a 3D printer, get in touch and make use of this new resource. Students are also welcome to use the printers in conjunction...

Gordon Thompson and Ben Harwood present at the CIC Information Fluency Workshop in New Orleans

Gordon Thompson, professor of music, and Ben Harwood, lead instructional technologist in Academic Technologies, were invited by the Council of Independent Colleges to introduce their open-learning experiment, an online video-lecture supplement to "The Beatles: An...
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