Ensemble Video is a video content management and video sharing service

What is Ensemble Video?

Ensemble Video is a powerful online video platform for any organization.

Skidmore College has partnered with Ensemble Video to deliver streaming video to the community. Ensemble Video allows you to upload, organize, and share your videos from a centralized, password-protected repository. Videos can be easily shared with links via email or embedded in Blackboard, WordPress and other web pages to be viewed by a public audience or by a private, Skidmore community-only audience.

Note: In order to use Ensemble Video, please contact LEDS to schedule a one-on-one training consultation. You must have a user account on Skidmore’s Ensemble Video system and a Media Library in order to upload and manage video content.

Why unlicensed free platforms like YouTube or Vimeo may not be fit for educational video

  • Too many ads

  • Unrelated “Related Videos”

  • No easy video dropbox

  • Limited deployment options

  • Limited blocking options

  • No ownership of content

  • Inefficient delivery options

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  • Poor security

  • Ineffective curation

  • Limited authentication

  • Lack of management capabilities

  • Only one type of user role

  • No control over transcoding

  • Unavailable screen capture or lecture capture tools

  • No other technology integrations

How do I access Ensemble?

Skidmore Ensemble Log-in Portal


LEDS is located in Lucy Scribner Library 222


Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm