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General Education Requirements

The new general education requirements, which will take effect soon, have a number of criteria stressing the importance of digital and information literacies. As faculty begin to modify courses to meet the new requirements, please feel free to reach out to us in LEDS. We would be happy to sit down with you to consider ways your syllabus could be tweaked and brainstorm a variety of media-rich assignments or projects that might help you meet your learning objectives.

Resource Page for Technology Literacy in the Major

We have highlighted a number of specific technology-related criteria from the new general education requirement here.

Higher Education Trends

EDUCAUSE’s key issues in teaching and learning for 2018

These key issues and opportunities in post-secondary teaching and learning were identified based on the input of more than 900 EDUCAUSE community members.

ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2017

Drawing on responses from tens of thousands of students across dozens of U.S. institutions, this report contributes to the higher education field’s ongoing exploration of students’ engagement with technology.

Other Library Resources

The Skidmore GIS Center for Interdisciplinary Research provides students and faculty with the resources and expertise to incorporate GIS and related geospaital technology into course offerings and research across academic disciplines.
Help Desk
Skidmore’s IT Helpdesk, your go-to place to submit tickets and explore our Knowledgebase.
Library Reference & Circulation
The Lucy Scribner Library is dedicated to the educational and scholarly activities of the Skidmore community, and provides the resources and services necessary to support the College’s mission “to prepare liberally educated graduates to continue their quest for knowledge and to make the choices required of informed, responsible citizens.”
Media Services
Media Services has primary responsibility for support of faculty, staff, and student use of technology in the classrooms,  as well as offer media production services.
An interdisciplinary program, MDOCS supports faculty, student, staff and community partners working in a range of methods and forms, including film, sound, photography, exhibition, and multimedia.
Writing Center
The Philip Boshoff Writing Center is focused on all kinds of writing and writing concerns. Trained peer tutors hold one-on-one conversations about writing from any discipline, at any course level, and at any stage of the writing process. The primary goal: to give all students the tools to become stronger, more confident writers.
The following are more general Skidmore policies that may be of interest or use to users of technology


The following are policies that IT adheres to concerning information etiquette

Custodianship of Electronic Mail
Adopted by the Institutional Planning and Policy Committee in 2010, this document explains procedures followed by custodians of e-mail.

Copyright Infringement Notification
Contact information for copyright owners wishing to send a statutory notice to Skidmore College.

Password Rules
Rules for creating your Skidmore password.

Web Page Creation and FTP Site Violations
This details the response procedure for complaints concerning web pages and FTP sites that violate College rules.

Software Policy
This links to a series of documents and recommendations concerning the ethical use of commercial software.

Policies for Potential Vendors
Information for suppliers of technology products and services.

Computer Hardware/Software Requests
Outlines the procedures for submitting a Computer Capital Request.

INCOMMON Federation: Participant Operational Practices
Participation in the InCommon Federation (“Federation”) enables a federation participating organization (“Participant”) to use Shibboleth identity attribute sharing technologies to manage access to on-line resources that can be made available to the InCommon community.

Skidmore College Plan to Combat the Unauthorized Distribution of Copyrighted Material
This document is developed as part of Skidmore College’s efforts to comply with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) and 34 CFR Sec. 668.14(b)(30).

Job Opportunities

ITAP - Instructional Technology Apprenticeship Program

Student Employment - Digital Media and VR Research Assistants


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