Welcome to the LETR Lab at Skidmore College!

The ability to read is a miracle.  Although humankind invented reading only a few thousand years ago, for many of us, we effortlessly and quickly extract meaning from seemingly arbitrary lines and curves presented on a page.  Yet despite the fact that most of us are quite good at reading, the mental processes involved are highly complex.

So, how do we do it? That’s the question that we’re trying to answer.

The research conducted in our lab focuses on the cognitive processes underlying reading in (1) normal skilled readers and (2) individuals with stroke-induced reading disorders.  Understanding more about how normal readers process letters and words gives us a better picture as to how the human mind encodes and makes sense of arbitrary symbols used in written communication.  Studying individuals with brain damage allows us to see the effects of a skilled reading system gone awry.  These two fields inform one another and the combination of these two research areas leads us to a much deeper understanding of this remarkable skill of reading.