Thanksgiving in Russia

Yesterday night, we hosted teachers and friends have a Thanksgiving gathering. it was lovely to give back a little bit to our teachers, from whom we have learned so much. We all made different dishes. I made baklava and mac and cheese with help from friends. Our supervisors provided us with two turkeys, which one of our brave Ensemble members carved and cooked. It was a little taste of the US that I think many of us in this program were happy to have. It made me recognize how thankful I am for the people in this program in the people in this school.

It also made me realize how close I am to the end of this program. We leave in 12 days. I’m not fully sure I’m ready to leave. I’ve learned a lot here, and I’ll write a long post about the whole experience at the end. I wish I could stay a little bit longer to learn from our teachers, and to spend time with the friends that I’ve made, but regardless, in 12 days, we will be back in the US. Right now, that’s a wild thought to have. I hope someday soon to come back to Moscow and maybe study in this country more. It’s a bittersweet time right now.

Also, as usual, I’m sorry I have not posted much. This program is a madhouse. Thank you for reading.

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