Back in the US

This will not be the large reflective post that I will likely make next week, but this is just an immediate reflection on how it feels to be in the US once again. Our plane landed less than 24 hours ago in JFK, and in the final hour, as I gazed out the plane window at the twinkling Manhattan lights, it felt so anticlimactic. We had our finals, and then we said bye. That was it. No big party or ceremony. It was just suddenly over. Even now, I still feel like I’m gonna go back to the MXAT dorm at the end of the day. I spent nearly every minute of the past 13 weeks training, and now it’s over and I don’t directly feel any different. I’m sure I’ve improved since I began, but since everything was so gradual, I just feel the same. It’s strange. I do plan on writing a full reflection on the past 13 weeks, which will be long and hard to read probably, so expect that sometime next week!

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