Indigenous Markets in Latin America: Knowledge and Empowerment for Women

Indigenous women in Latin America, regardless of their country of origin, conform one of the most exploited and oppressed groups in our society.   In spite of their precarious position in the economic and political weave, however, they perform an essential roll as producers and guardians of culture, language, and knowledge. Indigenous markets is a collection of oral narratives showcasing the daily undertakings of women as producers and vendors of foods and handcrafts. Food and handcrafts are both cultural practices that reaffirm identity; they are also part of a global economy that perceives indigenous women as the embodiment of an authentic popular wisdom, traditions, and the customs of a country or a region. This project is a result of faculty and student collaboration by professors and students of Skidmore College and Hope College.  We hope that the texts and the images we have selected will provide a new perspective of the invaluable work and agency of indigenous women in Latin America.


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