Do you get to pick your roommate?

Howdy! Although you don’t get to pick your roommate, among the many things you’ll have to fill out upon getting accepted to Skidmore is a housing preference form. You’ll get to specify whether or not you want an all-female floor or gender neutral housing, whether or not you smoke cigarettes (all the res halls are smoke-free but it can still be an issue for roommates regardless), what kind of music you listen to, what time you go to bed, and other preferences that will help Skidmore figure out how to house you so you’ll be relatively compatible with your roommates. It turned out that one of my roommates played lacrosse, which I did in high school, and my other roommate was into musical theater, which was something we had in common; whether that was a coincidence or not, they do a pretty good job of trying to match roommates.

As for why you can’t pick your roommate, that’s probably owing to Skidmore’s First Year Experience program; Scribner Seminar classmates are generally housed together so you have a sort of “home base” of people in your res hall that you already know. Choosing a roommate yourself would disrupt that method of housing students. If you want to know more about the FYE program, check out their website ( or ask me about specifics. Thanks so much for your question!

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