How Was…Skidmore Halloween?

Yesterday around lunchtime I was getting my daily dose of Food Network in between work and classes; housemate Caroline entered the house and bewilderedly proclaimed, “It feels like we’ve been on vacation.”  Such are the effects of Halloween weekend at Skidmore, a multi-night bacchanal of face paint, glitter and I-made-it-myself-so-it-might-fall-apart-at-any-minute costumes.


Pure, unadulterated patriotism: Taylor Swift and Betsy Ross.

First, I must say I am extremely proud of this school because just about everyone assembles their own Hallo-outfits themselves, culling bits together to make extremely unique costumes.  This is not a place where you can get away with buying a French maid costume out of a bag from the Halloween store at the mall — find your own feather dusters, y’all.  Some of the amazing, über-CTM costumes I saw over Thursday-Friday-Saturday include: Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, a frumpy ’90s Mom and Dad duo, the Black Swan, a Toddler in Tiara, a bumblebee (with hair in corresponding beehive), a Campus Safety officer, a Freudian slip, the cast of Hey Arnold!, a “motivational speaker,” two astronauts, two adult film stars, and an insouciant Frenchman.  Skidmore goes all out for this weekend.  Fun-haters and/or those who think they’re too cool for Halloween need not apply.

A coupla sock monkeys, clownin' around

The first night I was Betsy Ross, the second night I was a Beanie Baby (the Princess Diana Beanie bear, for anyone who was alive/conscious during that short-lived toy trend), the third night I had to think of  a last-minute costume and went as Mean Girls’ Regina George after a certain prank involving scissors and a white tank top.  I will spare you those pictures, but enjoy the rest of the Halloween evidence.

I had to choose from one of about 8,763 group pics. Oh, college.

Moorebid is the big Skidmore Halloween dance, called so because it used to be held in Moore Hall on the old downtown Saratoga Springs campus; my freshman and sophomore years it was a barrel of monkeys — I guess that meant “really fun” in the olden days.  The past two years it’s been more like a cage of wild lemurs.  Was this year’s Moorebid a victim of bad planning, overindulging youth, poor crowd control, lack of true Halloween spirit?  Not sure.  Either way, I guess the metaphorical Great Pumpkin didn’t show up, but if anything the fact that the dance was a bust only made me appreciate the pre-Moorebid festivities with friends even more.  Them’s the memories you’ll actually keep!

Moorebids come and Moorebids go, but the photobooth evidence lasts forever.


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