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does skidmore have cliques? what kind of social scenes are there?

When I was a senior in high school I visited Skidmore and asked this same question to my older sister’s friend, who was a Skid student at the time. She basically said, "There are cliques, but they’re more related to what people do here at school than anything else."

That’s the answer I’ll give you: sure, groups of friends form here, but it’s not the same as in high school when cliques were mostly arbitrary facts of life, either calcified from elementary school or else signified by the kinds of clothes people wore. Here, groups of friends might form from what res halls people live in, what clubs they join, what majors they choose to study, where they work, or what they like to do in their free time. My freshman year, I had friends from my res hall, friends from my pre-orientation program, friends from working in the dining hall, and random friends from class or elsewhere. "Clique-y" to me means "exclusive," and I don’t consider Skidmore to have exclusive social scenes. Now in my senior year I know people from all different backgrounds, majors, talents and dispositions. Friend-groups happen — and they aren’t a bad thing, either — but it’s all a lot more fluid than you might expect from a small school like Skidmore.

And if you ever worry that your group of friends is too small, the easy way to solve it is to try something new! Thanks for the question.

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