What are the French classes like at skidmore? Also does skidmore allow for multiple majors and/or minors?

French classes are wonderful! For my minor I had to take the basic stuff (Conversation, Writing in French, Intro to French Lit) plus a few extras. My favorite French class was taught by John Anzalone — it was a 300-level translation/stylistic class so we were doing French-to-English and English-to-French translations of novel excerpts, newspaper articles and short stories. Also Patty Han, who doesn’t teach at Skidmore any longer but was an epic and well-loved professor, taught a phonetics class that was insane and awesome.

As for multiple minors and majors, absolutely! If anything, Skidmore encourages it. Double majors, double minors, two majors and a minor, whatever. I’m an English major/French minor, which is pretty standard, but I also know people who do cooler combinations, like a Studio Art/Computer Science double major and a Math/Dance double major. It’s pretty easy to balance different concentrations as long as you make more of a long-term plan for how you want your classes to go. Thanks for your question!

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