SkidMolly: Ten Ways Creative Thought Matters, All the Time

Below is a quick list of recent and less recent Skid phenomena that have all proved our motto, Creative Thought Matters, isn’t just a saying — it happens every day.

1) My Shakespeare professor is holding his once-a-semester Culture Day this week.  He’s going to play the violin for us.  Personal violin concert from Victor Cahn?  Super-CTM.

2) One of my writing professors, Steve Stern, had his most recent novel serialized in Tablet, a online magazine about Jewish culture.  It involves a rabbi frozen in a block of ice for hundreds of years.

3) When it snows here, people really take the concept of CTM to the next level; they make insane snow sculptures and sled down the roof of the Tang museum.

4) Two of my friends, Phoebe and Alec, recently curated an art show in the Zankel Music Center.  They managed the student art submissions, compiled a catalog of the exhibition, and orchestrated an opening complete with a jazz band playing in the elevator.

5) There’s a lot of food variety in d-hall, but I’ve seen people do some crazy Top Chef stuff to really liven up their meals: making fried rice on the do-it-yourself grill, stirring up chocolate-peanut butter milkshakes, turning sandwiches into salads and vice-versa…CTM with soy sauce and soft serve ice cream, y’all.

6) Last weekend there was a student theatre production called “Cosmicomics”  based on three different Italo Calvino short stories — director Ruth Morrison ’12 adapted the stories into scripts, arranged gorgeous lighting and sets, and generally put together a really well-done show in the JKB theater studio.

7) There’s no dearth of creativity over the holidays here.  On Thursday the Traditions Committee (yes, we have a group dedicated to various kinds of holiday spirit) helped to put on a Tree Lighting Ceremony.  Groups like our wonderful Gospel Choir performed and now the Case Walkway is all lit up, non-denominationally!

8 ) Last year a few people put together this video in reponse to the Planned Parenthood crisis.  Creative, non-apathetic responses to political issues?  Skidmore really stepped up here.

9) Back when I toured Skidmore for the first time, it started to rain right before we left the Admissions building.  I was promptly handed a Skidmore poncho.  If that isn’t CTM raingear, I don’t know what is.

10) On Friday Case Center became the Skidmore Student market; crafty and artistic students sold drawings, stickers, prints, photos, baked goods and more, and 30% of their revenue went to charity.  CTM for a good cause.

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