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I was just accepted to Skidmore and cannot wait for the fall! What are five things that are absolutely necessary to bring for my dorm?

Congratulations! It is SUCH a good feeling knowing you’ve gotten into college! (Especially a college like Skidmore, hehe.) So I’ve actually already written about ten things to bring to school (check out that post here); lucky for you I’ve thought of five more.

1) SNACKS. I can’t believe I didn’t put this one in my last list. The dining hall is great, and having an unlimited meal plan (everyone who lives in the res halls automatically has one) will undoubtedly satisfy all your hunger needs, what with Sunday Sundaes and sushi and the vast amounts of pasta at the pasta station….but sometimes you’re in your room, you’re starving, and you don’t feel like putting on pants and walking to d-hall. Solution: snackies. Trail mix, Goldfish, Ding-Dongs, Oatmeal Cream Pies. You will never regret having snacks on hand.

2) SHOWER SHOES. The bathrooms are communal but not absurdly so; living in suites (usually a triple and two singles, sometimes two triples and two singles) means at most you’ll be sharing a (single-sex) (or gender neutral) bathroom with 7 other people. So the shower situation isn’t so bad, but bringing flip-flops or some other variety of shower shoe will probably ease your mind.

3) HEADPHONES. Chances are you’ll be in a triple, which means there are two other ladies or gents who have wants and needs and all that good stuff. Noise and noise control are usually the biggest issues with three people living in a small space. You can avoid some of that by listening to your favorite Britney Spears or Metallica album with headphones instead of blasting it on a stereo. Blissful silence for your roommates, sweet tunes for you.

4) ORGANIZING DEVICES. You’re probably going to end up overpacking for your first year, so make sure to bring things that will organize and sort your clothes and doodads. Stacking clothes hangers, dual-compartment laundry baskets, file folders, under-the-bed boxes: whatever it takes to stay semi-organized so that A) you don’t have to worry about where stuff is and B) your room will be a sparklingly clean machine.

5) BAND-AIDS. Yeah, you can buy these at the Skid Shop, but it won’t hurt to bring a big box from home. Because, let’s face it, the risk of injury in your first year of college is high. You might scrape your knee walking to an off-campus party, or cut yourself while carving a wood block in printmaking class, or slice your finger open while loading band equipment. (These are actually real examples!) Bring Band-Aids and have some peace of mind when it comes to the scrapes and bumps of freshman year.

Hope this helped. Congrats again and keep on asking them questions!

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