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Would you recommend traveling abroad freshman year for the full year? Or did you like the experience of studying abroad later in your experience at Skidmore?

Howdy! A perfectly good question. According to the OSCE site (http://cms.skidmore.edu/ocse/policies/eligibility.cfm), students should have generally reached their junior year in order to study abroad. Second-semester sophomores are eligible, but must apply with a petition and recommendation from their adviser. You can choose to study abroad for the full junior year — I have a few friends who did it, and they really enjoyed it.

Studying abroad freshman year IS possible with the London First Year Experience, a program that takes place in the first semester of a student’s freshman year. There’s a space on the Skidmore application where you can write if you’d like to be considered for the London FYE program. I didn’t do the program, but one of my fellow bloggers Ryan just completed it. If you’re interested in starting your college career overseas, definitely talk to him. Here’s his blog: http://academics.skidmore.edu/blogs/ryan/

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What other colleges were you considering besides skidmore?

When I was looking at schools, I was checking out a lot of East Coast (or as I like to say, Beast Coast) liberal arts colleges. Most were on the smaller side: Vassar, Middlebury, Emerson, Williams and Bard. Some were bigger, like Boston University and Northeastern. I also looked at University of Vermont, mostly because it’s a ten minute drive from my house.

Looking at a bunch of small liberal arts colleges was complicated at best and overwhelming at worst, but that also helped me to pay attention to the little things that made the schools more individual. After visiting all the campuses, the atmosphere on the Skidmore campus definitely stood out in my mind.

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Is there a specific foreign country that you (or the school) recommends for a business major? Or is the study abroad program not necessarily connected to a major?

Great Q! So I checked out the Study Abroad site and plugged in "management and business" in the Find a Program search engine, which is a great tool for narrowing down your options based on your major or your preferred country. The places that showed up with programs suitable (or tailored for) business majors were London, Paris, Beijing and Shanghai (China), Tokyo (Japan), Melbourne and Sydney (Australia), Freiburg (Germany), Dublin and Galway (Ireland), Barcelona and Madrid (Spain) and Warsaw (Poland). I’m sure all of these programs involve classes that will get you credits in the business major. Plus, certain programs also offer internships!

That being said, by junior year you might have enough credits in your major to explore a different academic focus. When I went to Prague, I had taken so many English classes that I was able to take non-major courses like Czech, history and a field study seminar. Keep that in mind — it’s possible that you won’t be limited to your major when you go abroad!

Thank you so much for your question! Here’s the Find A Program site if you want to play around with it: http://cms.skidmore.edu/ocse/search/index.cfm

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