Would you recommend traveling abroad freshman year for the full year? Or did you like the experience of studying abroad later in your experience at Skidmore?

Howdy! A perfectly good question. According to the OSCE site (http://cms.skidmore.edu/ocse/policies/eligibility.cfm), students should have generally reached their junior year in order to study abroad. Second-semester sophomores are eligible, but must apply with a petition and recommendation from their adviser. You can choose to study abroad for the full junior year — I have a few friends who did it, and they really enjoyed it.

Studying abroad freshman year IS possible with the London First Year Experience, a program that takes place in the first semester of a student’s freshman year. There’s a space on the Skidmore application where you can write if you’d like to be considered for the London FYE program. I didn’t do the program, but one of my fellow bloggers Ryan just completed it. If you’re interested in starting your college career overseas, definitely talk to him. Here’s his blog: http://academics.skidmore.edu/blogs/ryan/

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