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How are the career services at Skidmore?

I hadn’t used Career Services as a resource until the beginning of the fall semester, and my experience has been very positive. Probably the most difficult part was stepping in the door of the office…y’know, as soon as we seniors start thinking seriously about searching for jobs and entering the real world, we all begin to perspire and quake in our snowboots.

I met with Megan, one of the staff members, and we chatted about what I wanted to do post-college. Megan told me about a number of resources at my disposal: the Skidmore Career Advisor Network, a directory of alums and parents who are all willing to advise students about their professional fields; Grad Ads, sort of like Match.com profiles for job-hunting Skid kids; and CareerLink, a search engine for jobs and internships often posted by alumni. We also talked about networking strategies. I’m sure I’ve bored you at this point. "Networking strategies" sounds pretty snooze-y.

Bottom line: the office has a friendly and informative staff, and there are lots of resources for us students. I plan on heading back soon to have them check out my resume. Also, the Skidmore Career Services Twitter (http://twitter.com/skidmorecareer) is worth following; they post job and internships opportunities, alerts for upcoming seminars and general tips. I actually just got a writing internship after seeing an alumni listing tweet. Social media! It’s a doozy!

Thanks for your question! Here’s the Career Services website for your viewing pleasure: http://cms.skidmore.edu/career/index.cfm

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