Did you feel like there were any disadvantages not being close to a large metropolitan area?

I’m jealous of people who study in NYC and Boston because, thanks to the access they have to certain industries, they get to do amazing internships during their school semesters. Internships in Saratoga Springs are available, but not as plentiful as those in big cities. That’s my one gripe — Saratoga is a little bit removed from the kind of opportunities available in New York.

BUT Skidmore is a three-hour drive or train ride away from New York, and that makes it slightly more accessible to students. Plus, there’s definitely a ‘metropolitan’ vibe in Saratoga, mostly because the cultural venues (like the National Museum of Dance, the Saratoga Film Forum and Saratoga Performing Arts Center) prevent the city from being cut off from what’s going on in the world. It combines the feeling of a city with the approachability of a small town.

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