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SkidMolly: Facts ‘n’ Tips You Won’t Find in a Skidmore Brochure

You won’t have to walk farther than ten minutes to get anywhere, but everybody whines about how looooong it takes to get places.  “I have to walk allll the way from Jonsson Tower to Zankel!” — it takes seven minutes.  Most walks won’t even last one Black Keys song on your iPod.

Really?  You can’t find anything to eat in d-hall?  Well, go scavenge some rice (there will be rice, somewhere) (There Will Be Rice starring Daniel Day-Lewis) and soy sauce (at Global Café), bring them to the DIY station, and mix ’em together on the grill.  Then crack an egg over it and stir it around.  Instant fried rice.

If you’re going to make that life-altering decision to get a tattoo — perhaps a tasteful flower or a tribal armband à la Sporty Spice — don’t go to True Tattoo on Broadway.  Head further down the road to Needlewürks on Congress St.  The people there are quite friendly.

Join Student Entertainment Company (SEC) if you want to get up close and personal with your favorite musicians.  Some SEC members get to work backstage at concerts and meet the performers.

In typical liberal arts college fashion, many Skid kids wear plaid shirts in an astonishing array of hues.  Don’t spend 30 bucks for the ones at Urban Outfitters — go to Goodwill or Salvation Army and there’ll be plenty of choices for a couple of bucks a pop.  By the way, I’m convinced paisley will be the next big thing.

That's me in the middle flanked by fellow seniors Margaret and Jack. We didn't plan this. It was super serendipitous.

The North Woods is the perfect multipurpose locale.  Seeking “privacy”?  Need to “be one with nature”? Want to go on a romantic walk?  Feel the urge to let out a primal scream but don’t want to embarrass yourself by doing so on the main green?  Head to the Woods.

Honesty time: step on campus and you’ll probably see a small but noticeable chunk of Skidmore students smoking cigarettes.  Take my advice and don’t start smoking.  Half the smokers at Skid probably do so because they came to school and imitated the people they saw doing it.  It’s a trap! Cigarettes are ten bucks a pack in New York, and you’re going to want to spend your cash on other things.  Plus you’ll already pick up a bunch of habits that’ll make you feel like crap (not sleeping, eating Cheetos for breakfast, ingesting caffeine as if it were crack cocaine) so skip this one.

Quirky hobbies and talents are rewarded here.  Don’t be embarrassed about being the only guy in your high school who knows how to unicycle.  (We have a circus club, so don’t you dare forget your unicycle at home.)  Harmonica and ukulele players, balloon animal makers, obsessive arts and crafters, people exceptionally good at ping-pong: welcome to Skidmore.

You will notice posters for dances at Falstaffs every other weekend.  While these dance parties mostly attract first-year students (I certainly got down at a few of ’em in my day), there is nothing wrong with going as an upperclassman, especially when the dances are sponsored by Skidmore Pride Alliance (the LGBTQ club on campus).  Those parties are usually epic.

Got a hot date?  Skip Uncommon Grounds — you’re going to have half the Skid population staring at you.  Go off the beaten path to The Local in the Beekman Street Arts District.  They’re cozy, they have an impressive tea list, and their fish and chips meal is huge.

Hey dudes, if you have questions about classes, professors, facilities, clubs, social life, sports, food, or the meaning of life, you should definitely ask me.  Right here.  I will answer literally anything as long as you don’t ask me for my Social Security number.  And I might even give you that if you ask nicely.