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CTM: What to Do Between Now and College

Hi y’all.  I’m catching you at a weird time, huh?  Some of you have already gotten into Skidmore early decision — congrats!  Some of you have to wait a bit longer to find out your fate.  That’s cool — patience is a virtue, or at least that’s what a fortune cookie once told me.

Because the period of time between now and college is so gosh darn awkward, here’s a little list of things to do between now and when you pack your Honda Odyssey full of stuff and drive off to Skidmore.

Half the college experience is buying the t-shirt, no? Also I have no idea who this person is.

STAY IN SCHOOL.  Yeah, I’m looking at you.  You, hitting the snooze button for the ninth time.  You, ditching the second half of the school day to eat ice cream and French fries and do whatever the cool kids are doing these days.  Resist the urge to ditch!  Get the high school diploma before the college degree!

DO YOUR WORK! Don’t show up to class like a zombie and forget all about your final papers.  Skidmore asks for your final high school grades, and it is possible to have your acceptance revoked if your marks take a sharp downturn. You’re a smart cookie.  Just put in a little more effort and all of a sudden it’ll be your graduation day.  You’ll wear a terrible cap and gown made of garbage bags and almost die of heatstroke.  It’ll be awesome.

MAKE A SENIOR BUCKET LIST. What do you want to do before you leave your school and hometown?  Compile a list of things you want to do before college, whether it’s sending a poem in to your school’s lit magazine or eating a restaurant in your town that you’ve never been to before.  It’s all about makin’ memories.

TAKE A TRIP WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Chances are, even the strictest of parents will loosen the rules a little bit so that you can spend time with your friends before leaving home.  A few weeks before college started, I took a train to New York City with four friends.  We spent a few days bumming around, living on questionable street food and meeting Australians at our hostel in Chelsea.  (For some reason, every hostel in the world contains at least one Australian.  It’s a fact.)  Plan something totally nuts with your amigos: day trip, road trip, random excursion to see the world’s largest ball of yarn, you name it.

PICK A HOBBY.  Your schoolwork might finally start to lessen as graduation looms.  Don’t be bored!  Boredom is for people who don’t have hobbies.  Knitting is a good one, especially now when everyone’s getting Seasonal Affective Disorder from the winter weather.  Watching Jeopardy! is also a good hobby.  Bird watching?  Needlepoint?  Fixing the songs on your iTunes so they actually have the right titles?  All worthy of your time.

BUY SOMETHING AT THE SKID SHOP.  Nothing will get you more excited for school than buying a fluffy collegiate sweatshirt. As Ferris Bueller might say, Skidmore Shop apparel is “so choice.”  Plus, you can wear it to school and no one will even need to ask you about your plans for next year.  Buy some Skid stuff here.  Also check out the Skid Shop blog here.  There’s good stuff on it, like pictures of donuts and a video of a snoring mouse.

In conclusion: don’t be a fool, stay in school, bucket list, largest ball of yarn, bird watching, Skidmore t-shirt.  Do all of these things and the time between now and the beginning of your Skidmore experience will go by in a jiffy.