How Was…UJIMA Fashion Show and Chowderfest?

Wow…what a weekend.  Friday night kicked off with a great SEC show at Falstaff’s (an on-campus venue) featuring Brooklyn bands Total Slacker and Widowspeak.  I bowed out before Total Slacker hit the stage but Widowspeak was totally charming.  The Skidmore crowd swayed to the sweet vocals and surf rock-meets-doo-wop guitars, and in terms of wardrobe, it looked like we had all gotten in a time machine and traveled from 2012 to 1992.  Floral dresses and plaid shirts: totally rad, man.  Here’s a little sampling of Widowspeak doing a cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.”


Saturday morning was all about Chowderfest, which is Saratoga’s annual day to appreciate various kinds of milk-based soups.  More than 70 restaurants participated, each one selling their own special chowder variety for $1 apiece.  Anyone deeply affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder would be wise to partake in Chowderfest — it is just that uplifting.  I sampled delicious sausage-and-shrimp chowder at Bailey’s, then moseyed down to Hattie’s (a fried chicken legend of a restaurant — Hattie’s beat Bobby Flay in a fried chicken Throwdown!) and snagged some bourbon chicken chowder.  Mmm.  The long lines (see below) didn’t discourage me, or any of the zillion people who came to Saratoga for the chowder goodness.

Then Saturday night, fully satisfied chowder-wise, I caught the second half of the UJIMA Fashion Show (co-directed by fellow SS2S blogger Alta!!), which was amazing as usual.  I’ve gone to the fashion show every year and always leave feeling incredibly positive.  UJIMA, the African/African-American/Caribbean-American cultural awareness group, puts on a fashion show every February to coincide with Black History Month; this year the theme was “Black Couture,” which focused on the Black community’s countless contributions to the fashion world.  Needless to say, this event was awesome, and everyone looked INCREDIBLE.

Wendy Wilson, Skidmore alum and News Editor at Essence magazine, gave a great speech.

A seriously stylish couple.

Her jacket was SO sparkly...I want it.

America's Next Top Model?

The models were all incredible — it’s pretty much impossible to not look confident when you’re sauntering down the runway to Rihanna’s “Rock Star” — and the performing groups were great too.  Here’s the Bandersnatchers singing “Baby I Need Your Lovin'” by the Four Tops:


And here’s Lift Every Voice, Skidmore’s wonderful gospel choir, singing Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are”:


And what happened on Sunday, the titular day of rest?  Why, I stuffed my face at a Super Bowl party and deconstructed Madonna’s halftime show with my fellow viewers.  (That’s a blog post for another day).  A typically crazy, seriously enjoyable Skidmore weekend.

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